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Neighborhood Watch

South Side Neighborhood Watch

10/10/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

COVENTRY: On Sept. 24, a Wagoner Street woman reported she heard a Barberton female threaten to harm a Manchester Road woman following a dispute over custody of a child. Summit County sheriff’s deputies attempted to locate the Barberton woman but learned she is homeless and were unable to reach her.

Deputies were called to a Manchester Road residence Sept. 26, when a woman reported she had recently been granted custody of her grandson and the child’s mother called and threatened bodily harm. The victim said she is in the process of obtaining a restraining order. Deputies were seeking the mother.

An employee of a Chenoweth Drive business reported Sept. 27 her purse was stolen from her vehicle, which was parked in a lot while she worked.

Deputies investigated a report filed Sept. 27 by a Lockwood Road man who said an unknown male under the impression he is a 14-year-old has been sending him text messages that are sexual in nature.

On Sept. 28, an employee of a South Arlington Road restaurant reported the window of his vehicle was broken while he worked between noon and 4 p.m.

A Buttercup Avenue woman reported Sept. 28 an unknown houseguest stole two handguns, a diamond ring and $500 cash.

Deputies went to a State Street location Sept. 30 and arrested a Cuyahoga Falls woman on warrants for illegal assembly of chemicals, possession of chemicals used to manufacture drugs and aggravated possession of drugs. She was taken to the Summit County Jail.

Also on that day, deputies responded to a domestic dispute at a Daisy Avenue residence. Officers interviewed the parties involved and determined the argument was verbal only. The male agreed to leave for the night.

A Rook Drive man reported Sept. 2 someone smeared an unknown white substance on his vehicle, which was parked in his driveway.

The owner of a Manchester Road vehicle sales business reported Oct. 2 two males were looking at a 1998 white Jeep Cherokee parked in the sales lot. When he approached and asked if they needed help, they left. The following day, he arrived to find the Jeep was gone. The vehicle had been locked, and the keys were locked in an office. Deputies entered information about the Jeep into a national database for stolen vehicles and they are investigating.

Deputies are investigating an Oct. 2 report filed by a Weil Avenue woman who reported an unknown person used her banking information to obtain a loan, and her bank withdrew three unauthorized payments from her account and provided the money to the loan company without her permission. The payments total $360.

A student at a South Arlington Road college reported Oct. 2 he had an argument and shoving match with a classmate, who cut his hand with a pair of shears. The victim went to a hospital and received four staples to close the wound. Deputies interviewed the classmate and several witnesses, who said the classmate’s watch accidentally cut the victim’s hand. The victim declined charges and asked that a report be filed.

On Oct. 3, a Bevan Street man reported his neighbor pointed a gun at his face. Deputies located the weapon in the neighbor’s home, and the man allegedly admitted pointing it at the victim. He was arrested for aggravated menacing and taken to the Summit County Jail.

An employee of a South Arlington Road coffeehouse reported Oct. 4 the window of her vehicle was smashed while she worked and a backpack, containing a $1,000 computer and a $170 art book, was stolen.

A Glenmount Avenue woman reported Oct. 4 she recently had guests in her home and one of them stole personal documents, including Social Security cards belonging to her and her daughters, from a canister in the kitchen.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier


GREEN: A Bayview Terrace couple reported the front door of their residence was pried open Sept. 19, but nothing was taken.

Summit County sheriff’s deputies performed CPR on a Georgia man who collapsed and was unresponsive at Akron-Canton Airport Sept. 29. The victim began taking shallow breaths as paramedics arrived, and he was transported to a hospital.

An Akron woman stopped for speeding on South Main Street Sept. 30 was arrested on a warrant from Michigan and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A Greensburg Road woman reported Oct. 1 two trail cameras were stolen from her property.

A patron of a South Arlington Road restaurant reported her purse, containing a welfare card, medical insurance card, $20 in cash and a ring, was stolen from her unlocked vehicle Oct. 1.

Deputies are investigating a scam perpetrated on a Pickle Road woman who reported Oct. 1 that a male called her and told her to go to a store and purchase a $183 prepaid credit card, and call him with the card numbers. He said the money would be used as down payment on a loan. The victim provided the card numbers to the suspect and later learned the money had been taken from the card and the loan company was false. She said she previously obtained an online loan, which is how the suspect got her information.

Employees of an Arlington Ridge Road store reported Oct. 2 that a panhandler who had been in the store was in the parking lot asking people for money. Deputies found store merchandise for which she had no receipt in her possession. The Ravenna woman admitted taking clothing from the store, and she was charged with theft and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A woman reported the window of her vehicle was broken while it was parked in an Arlington Ridge Road lot between noon and 6:30 p.m. Oct. 2. Her cell phone and lunch were stolen.

On Oct. 3, deputies signed a warrant for the arrest of a Cleveland man for violating a protection order after a Cottage Grove Road woman reported he called her cell phone in violation of a court order.

Someone damaged the front door of a residence on East Nimisila Road Oct. 3 and smashed the windshield of a vehicle in the driveway.

Deputies were called to a Cottage Grove Road residence Oct. 3, when a woman reported her ex-boyfriend has been driving past her residence and using a remote-controlled key to harass her by opening the trunk of her vehicle despite a protection order prohibiting him from contacting her and a court order requiring him to relinquish the key to her vehicle. Deputies stopped the man’s vehicle near her home after the trunk of her vehicle had opened, arrested him for menacing by stalking and violation of a protection order, and took him to the Summit County Jail. The remote key was confiscated.

A South Main Street woman reported Oct. 4 her ex-boyfriend refused to leave her residence. Deputies found him walking away from her home, arrested the Cuyahoga Falls man on a felony warrant for possession of heroin and took him to the Summit County Jail.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier


LAKEMORE: Police issued a warrant for an Elizabeth Avenue man wanted for criminal mischief Oct. 2. The man allegedly continues to throw objects onto his neighbor’s lawn and has turfed it.

Two packages of medication were stolen from the porch of a Plaza Court home Oct. 3.

Police responded to a 9-1-1 call from a Front Street man who said someone assaulted him Oct. 3. When they arrived, they found him walking along the street, with no fight going on and no gun. Police determined the man had lied to them, and the man said he had taken drugs. The man was arrested on a warrant and transferred to a hospital. A debit card found on his person that did not have his name on it was confiscated.

Police were called to Cayuga Avenue Oct. 4 regarding two residents who have an ongoing argument. The two were told to stay off each other’s property.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay


NEW FRANKLIN: New Franklin 13- and 14-year-old males at a West Nimisila Road school allegedly admitted to sending and receiving obscene photos on iPods Sept. 27, but no charges were filed.

Police were dispatched to West Nimisila Road for a suspicious person Sept. 27 and chased after a 17-year-old New Franklin male who allegedly was holding an open bottle of whiskey. He was arrested and charged with underage drinking.

A Portage Street man reported Sept. 30 that $1,000 in items, including fishing rods, reels, net and a tackle box, was stolen from his boat while it was docked at a Dustys Road location.

— Compiled by Joyce Rainey Long


SPRINGFIELD: A South Arlington Road store reported several alleged thefts Oct. 1-7, including: a Sara Drive man and Greenview Drive woman who were charged with theft for taking $34 in items; two Austin Avenue men who were charged with theft for taking $759 in electronics; and a Bradley Street man who was charged with theft for taking $114 in items. Also, police are running down the license plate of a 2003 silver Hyundai Elantra used by two men and two women who allegedly stole $946 in electronics from the store.

A West Miller Avenue woman reported that two little-known acquaintances took $707 from her duffle bag Oct. 1.

Someone damaged a window in an attempt to break into a West Park Way home Oct. 1.

Police are reviewing video from an East Waterloo Road business to determine who stole a vehicle from the parking lot Oct. 2.

An Austin Avenue woman reported that someone broke a window on her car while it was parked at a South Arlington Road hardware store Oct. 2 and stole textbooks and a book bag.

A Superior Avenue man reported Oct. 2 a tenant he recently evicted keeps calling him and leaving threatening messages. Police contacted the homeless man and advised him to stop calling.

On Oct. 3, a Myersville Road woman reported her ex-boyfriend sent her 365 texts in one hour, threatening to beat her and kill her unborn baby. Police advised the man not to have any further contact with the woman.

Police responded to a call about a male with a gun at a Delaware Avenue home Oct. 6 and found a South Akron juvenile male with a pellet gun tucked into his pants and also smelling of marijuana. Police also discovered he was wanted as a runaway from Akron. The youth was arrested, charged with possession of marijuana and turned over to the Akron Police Department.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay

Editor’s note: The reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with area police departments and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the South Side News Leader at 330-665-9595 or toll-free at 888-945-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the appropriate police department.

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