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10/24/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 900 block of Hemlock Hills Drive Oct. 13; the 500 block of Crosby Street Oct. 15; the 700 block of Greenwood Avenue Oct. 15; the 700 block of Orlando Avenue Oct. 16; the 200 block of Wildwood Avenue Oct. 17; the 900 block of Bloomfield Avenue Oct. 19; the 1400 block of Frederick Boulevard Oct. 19; and the 600 block of Orlando Avenue Oct. 20.

On Oct. 14, a 19-year-old Wilson Street man was charged with felony domestic violence and felony theft. During an incident at West Exchange Street and Stadelman Avenue, the man allegedly head-butted and punched the victim in the face before fleeing with her purse. The man has a prior conviction for domestic violence, noted officers.

A 26-year-old Copley Road man was charged with illegal use of a food stamp card Oct. 16. The man left his 7-year-old daughter inside a car while he shopped for groceries in the 1800 block of West Market Street, according to the police report. When officers were checking on the girl, the man ran away, according to the report. When officers caught up to the man, they found an Ohio Direction Card belonging to someone else inside his wallet, which he used to purchase groceries, according to the report.

A 34-year-old Medina woman, a passenger in a vehicle stopped for having expired license plates on Vernon Odom Boulevard near the Interstate 77 southbound entrance, was charged with possession of heroin after officers found the drug in her pocket Oct. 18.

A manager of an auto sales business in the 1500 block of Vernon Odom Boulevard reported Oct. 18 that when he went to retrieve a white Chevy pickup truck for a test drive, he discovered it was missing. The business has possession of both sets of keys for the vehicle, according to the report.

An officer on patrol Oct. 18 ran a license plate check to reveal the truck’s owner had a suspended driver’s license, according to the police report. The driver, a 36-year-old Wildwood Avenue man, stopped in a parking lot in the 300 block of West Market Street to let out a passenger, who then ran away, according to the report. As officers searched for the passenger, a witness reported he saw a man throw something into a trashcan behind a building. When officers investigated the witness’ claim, they found a loaded handgun, according to the report. The man was spotted soon after high up in a tree, ordered to climb down and was then arrested without incident, officers said. The 35-year-old Roselle Avenue man stated he fled because the thought he was wanted on warrants from Barberton, and he denied having anything to do with the gun, according to officers. He was charged with tampering with evidence, having weapons while under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, obstruction of business and possession of drug paraphernalia and transported to the Summit County Jail. The Wildwood Avenue man was cited and released.

An employee of a restaurant in the 800 block of West Market Street reported Oct. 18 that sometime during the night, someone threw eggs at the front door of the business, causing a stain on the glass.

The next day, an employee of another restaurant on the same block reported a man has repeatedly entered the store and asked customers for money, though he has been asked numerous times to stop. Officers noted the 33-year-old Chapel Hill neighborhood man does not have a panhandler’s license and charged him with unlawful panhandling.

A 34-year-old Wooster man was charged with possession of drugs after being stopped for not using his turn signal Oct. 19 at Vernon Odom Boulevard and I-77 southbound. Officers observed a white powder fall out of a ripped dollar bill onto the man’s shirt as they approached the vehicle, according to the police report. During a search of the car, 0.3 gram of cocaine was found on the driver’s seat and under the man’s feet, officers reported.

Early in the morning of Oct. 20, emergency responders were called to an active car fire at Fox Road and Gaylord Drive. Police arrived to find a yellow Jeep completely burned out and had the vehicle towed, according to the police report. They were unable to contact the owner of the vehicle, officers noted.

On Oct. 20, a Fairlawn man who owns a home in the 600 block of Orlando Avenue reported he arrived at the house to find a rear door unlocked and items missing, including copper pipes and a lock box with keys. Later the same day, the man returned to the home to find a red pickup truck parked in the driveway while an unknown male and female were removing items from the garage, according to a second police report. The victim attempted to block the truck in with his vehicle, but the suspects were able to drive around it and escaped before officers arrived on scene, according to the report. A lawnmower, snow blower and bedframe were reported stolen during the second burglary. The victim also said a garage door opener had been taken during the first burglary. The suspects are: a white male, age 28 to 33, 5 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet tall and 170 to 185 pounds; and a white female, age 15 to 22, 5 feet, 3 inches to 5 feet, 6 inches tall and 110 to 120 pounds.

The same day, an employee of a retail pharmacy in the 1900 block of West Market Street reported someone left the store with stolen goods. She said she saw the suspect, whom she recognized as a regular patron of the store, ride away eastbound on a bicycle. Video surveillance footage shows the man concealing items in his jacket, including soaps, lotions and body washes valuing $790, according to the police report. The suspect is a black man, age 40 to 45, 5 feet, 11 inches tall and 150 to 160 pounds.

BATH: Following a registration check of a vehicle on Medina Road Oct. 11, police arrested the driver on a felony warrant and took him to the Summit County Jail to await pick up by sheriff’s deputies from Lorain County.

Police patrolling North Cleveland-Massillon Road Oct. 12 stopped an erratic driver. She exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication and reportedly admitted having a drink before driving. She failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI, released with a court summons and transported home.

On Oct. 15, a Revere Local Schools bus driver reported a motorist passed the bus while it was stopped on Bath Road with lights activated. A witness confirmed the information. Police went to the driver’s residence and cited her for passing a school bus.

A woman reported her purse was stolen from a vehicle outside a Montrose restaurant the afternoon of Oct. 15. Someone had smashed the vehicle window and stole the purse from the rear seat. The victim’s purse was recovered outside a Fairlawn grocery store and returned to the victim, who said all contents except currency were intact.

The manager of a Medina Road market reported Oct. 16 a woman entered the store carrying a re-usable bag and placed merchandise in the bag. She paid for other items, but failed to pay for the items inside the bag. The manager confronted her as she left, and police charged her with theft and released her with a court summons.

A woman reported her laptop computer was stolen while she was working at a house on Echo Hills Road Oct. 16.

A San Raphael Drive man reported Oct. 17 he learned an unknown person used his name and personal information to open a credit account in Texas. Police provided him with an identity theft packet and advised him to contact credit-reporting agencies and to report any other fraudulent accounts.

Police responded to an incomplete 9-1-1 call from a Lake Point Drive residence Oct. 18, observed a woman lying in the living room and determined she was unable to come to the door. Officers gained entry to the home, summoned EMS to transport the woman to a hospital and secured the residence.

At 11 p.m. Oct. 19, officers responded to a traffic crash in the parking lot of a Medina Road restaurant and found a driver, who reportedly sideswiped a vehicle in the drive-through line, slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle. He awoke, refused to open the vehicle doors for police, but eventually opened a window, allowing officers to get him out of the vehicle. He exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication and was arrested for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia found during his arrest.

Following a registration check of a vehicle on Medina Road Oct. 20, police arrested the driver for having fictitious license plates and an expired vehicle registration. He was released with a court summons and the vehicle was towed.

COPLEY: Police responded to a fight between two male students at Copley High School Oct. 4. Two teachers had sustained minor injuries while separating the combatants. The boys were suspended from school and are facing expulsion hearings and possible criminal charges.

A Goodenough Avenue woman reported Oct. 4 someone used a pellet gun to shoot the windshield of her vehicle.

A student at a Montrose West Avenue college reported Oct. 5 her purse, containing her police badge and identification, was stolen from her vehicle while she was in class.

A woman reported Oct. 4 money was stolen from her purse while she visited a friend at a Heritage Woods Drive residential facility.

On Oct. 6, a Kendall Road man reported a homemade toy trailer was stolen from his property the previous night.

Police responded to an alarm at a Tecumseh Lane residence Oct. 7 and found the front door had been damaged, but nothing inside the residence appeared to have been disturbed.

Officers are seeking two men in a red pickup truck for questioning in connection with the theft of pallets and scrap metal from a business on Commerce Drive Oct. 9.

On Oct. 10, police contacted a male and female after the owner of a Copley Road tool rental business reported the female rented an asphalt spreader for the male, who had been banned from the business, and failed to return the item. In phone messages, police advised the two to return the property and told the victim to contact them if it was not returned.

Police investigated a report of road rage on Flight Memorial Drive at 2 a.m. Oct. 11 and arrived to find a white pickup truck parked sideways blocking the drive-through lane of a restaurant. The driver sped away when he saw officers and was stopped for lane violations on Rothrock Road. He appeared intoxicated, smelled of alcohol and refused a field sobriety test. He was taken into custody, charged with DUI and released to a friend.

Officers patrolling Medina Line Road Oct. 12 clocked a driver traveling 61 mph in a 45-mph zone and attempted a traffic stop. The driver turned on Sharon Woods Drive, stopped and turned off the vehicle’s headlights. Officers found a female passenger in the vehicle, and she told them the driver ran into the woods. When he emerged, he said he went there to urinate. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with underage drinking, DUI and possession of marijuana. He was also charged with felony possession of drugs when police found narcotic tablets in the vehicle, and he was taken to the Summit County Jail. The female was not charged.

A Copley Road woman called police to her apartment complex Oct. 12 when she said two neighbors were fighting. Police arrived to find an intoxicated man whose knuckles were bloody. Another male, who had been injured, told police the man pounded on his apartment door, entered his residence and assaulted him. Police arrested the man for assault and disorderly conduct.

Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity in a nature preserve near Encell and Jonah drives Oct. 12, when several concerned people showed them a marijuana growing area. Police heard the sound of an all-terrain vehicle and saw a male walking in the woods. He fled to the vehicle and drove off when he saw police, but his boots got stuck in the mud, and he ran out of them. Police confiscated the marijuana plants and a pair of brown boots for their investigation.

FAIRLAWN: A Falmouth Road man reported Oct. 11 his neighbor, who was arrested for disorderly conduct and released with a court summons for harassing him the previous day, left 17 threatening, harassing and obscene voice mail messages on his phone. Police had told her the previous day to have no contact with him. Police went to her residence and arrested her for telecommunication harassment.

An Akron man reported Oct. 12 the window of his vehicle was smashed while he was in a West Market Street restaurant, and his daughter’s purse, containing identification, credit cards and $150 cash, was stolen.

The neighbor of a Kenridge Road woman reported Oct. 13 her boyfriend arrived at her residence intoxicated and angry with her. He dumped beer on her laptop computer, and when she asked him to leave, he struck her and threw her against the wall. She attempted to leave the apartment, and he dragged her by the hair, at which time, her upstairs neighbor observed the struggle and called police. When she told her boyfriend that she called police, he took her computer and put it in the shower with the water running, threatened to kill the victim and her son and fled. Police signed warrants for domestic violence, criminal damaging and aggravated menacing against the Akron man.

An employee of a West Market Street grocery store reported Oct. 14 the window of her vehicle was smashed while she worked and her purse was stolen.

Police investigated a report that three empty purses were located outside a residence on Hallandale Drive Oct. 15 and determined they were stolen from a vehicle outside a Cartwright Drive residence the previous night. The victim said the purses were being donated to a charity and a backpack was also stolen, but it was not located. She said a clarinet worth more than $1,000 was stolen from a second car in the driveway.

An Akron woman took scissors to a Montrose discount store Oct. 15, used them to cut a cable holding an electronic item to a display and stole the item. She was arrested for theft and possession of criminal tools and released with a court summons.

Police are seeking a white female in her 20s, wearing a black shirt with the number 86 in yellow on the back. She reportedly entered the store Oct. 16, concealed 11 DVDs worth $270 in her purse and fled. The merchandise was recovered in the parking lot and returned to the store.

A Chamberlain Road woman reported the rear bumper of her vehicle was damaged while it was parked outside her residence Oct. 16.

Police investigated the burglary of a Haverhill Road home Oct. 17, when a man reported he left home at 8 a.m. and returned at 3 p.m. to find the side door had been forced open by someone who used a pick axe and stole $2,500 in quarters.

The night of Oct. 18, officers investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle outside a Trunko Road residence and questioned two male juveniles in the vehicle. The driver refused to roll down the window for officers, who observed him place a black bag between his legs. After he told police two different stories about what he was doing at the location, officers got him out of the vehicle and placed him in the back of a cruiser. In the bag, they found a handgun with two bullets in the chamber, another handgun with one bullet in the chamber and drug paraphernalia. The Copley juvenile was charged with carrying concealed weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia, and taken to a juvenile detention center. The passenger, who was from Fairlawn, was charged with a curfew violation and released to his parents.

NORTON: A Holiday Drive man reported Oct. 10 an iPod Touch was stolen from a vehicle outside his residence the previous night.

On Oct. 10, police investigated the theft of a $2,500 diesel radiator from a business on Clarkmill Road.

An Oak Street man was arrested for child endangering Oct. 11 after a woman in his home heard him scream and swear at an infant in his care while the child was crying. The woman also reported she heard a loud noise, and she believes the infant hit the floor and began loudly crying. Police called EMS to transport the baby to a hospital for evaluation.

A woman reported Oct. 12 her narcotic pain medication was stolen from a hiding place in a cabin on Clarkmill Road.

Officers investigated a report of theft and breaking and entering Oct. 12. A Berry Road woman reported someone cut the lock off a shed on her property and stole a snow blower, leaf blower, weed cutter and chainsaw, totaling more than $1,600. According to the victim, the suspect had to lift the items over a chain link fence around her property.

A Clubview Drive man reported Oct. 13 someone entered a pool house on his property and stole four bottles of liquor and a jar of coins.

Police responded to a domestic dispute at a Brooklawn Drive residence Oct. 13 and determined no physical confrontation occurred. The male agreed to leave the residence for the night.

An Easton Road woman reported Oct. 14 her son stole a power drill, diamond ring, diamond earrings and numerous other jewelry items and pawned them at a Barberton business.

An employee of a Greenwich Road grocery store told a manager she saw a woman in the parking lot with a cart full of groceries that had not been bagged Oct. 16. The manager confronted the woman as she loaded the groceries into her vehicle. She said she had been planning to go back into the store and pay for the merchandise, but she did not have enough money with her to pay and had no other form of payment. She was arrested for theft and released with a court summons.

An iPod was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the driveway of a Wadsworth Road residence Oct. 17.

A Millford Street woman reported Oct. 17 a $400 go-cart was stolen from the driveway of the residence.

Police are seeking the person who stole a $2,500 outdrive from a boat that was on a trailer in the yard of a Wooster Road residence Oct. 18.

RICHFIELD: Police attempted to contact the owner of a debit card found in the parking lot of the Service Department Oct. 3.

Following a report of a vehicle that passed a school bus while it was stopped on Deer Creek Circle with lights activated Oct. 4, police went to the vehicle owner’s residence and advised the owner’s daughter, who admitted passing the bus, that a citation was pending completion of the investigation.

Police patrolling Brecksville Road Oct. 5 stopped a driver whose vehicle swerved across the center line and off the road several times. He appeared to be intoxicated, allegedly admitted having a few drinks and failed a field sobriety test. He was charged with DUI and released on $404 bond.

Employees of a Broadview Road bar reported Oct. 5 they ousted an intoxicated male, and he was preparing to drive away. Officers stopped him as he drove erratically on Broadview Road. He failed a field sobriety test and refused a BAC test, despite a prior conviction of DUI within the past six years, which was a second charge. He was held in Richfield Jail and provided with a court date.

A Hawkins Road man reported Oct. 6 he suspected an employee of embezzling from him, and the report was referred to the detective bureau.

Officers responded to a crime in progress in the parking lot of a Wheatley Road restaurant Oct. 6, when an employee reported he heard the window of his vehicle being smashed and saw two males running toward Glencairn Forest Drive. Officers were unable to locate the suspects.

Police investigated the theft of a motor vehicle from the driveway of a Wheatley Road residence between 11 and 11:40 a.m. Oct. 8. Information about the vehicle was entered into a national database for stolen vehicles.

The owners of a Wheatley Road business reported a gas trimmer was stolen from outside the business Oct. 9.

A Broadview Road man reported Oct. 9 the window of his van was smashed the previous night while it was parked outside his residence.

A motorcycle driver was stopped for passing a car in a no-passing zone of Streetsboro Road Oct. 11 and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia found in his pocket.

Police responded to a call from an Oviatt Road woman Oct. 12 and checked the residence for a prowler, but they did not locate anyone inside or outside of the residence.

On Oct. 14, police investigated a report of a missing road sign at the corner of Medina Line and Harter roads. A woman reported she heard a vehicle strike the pole around 2:30 a.m. and several males cut the pole, placed it in the vehicle and drive off.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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