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12/5/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 1600 block of West Exchange Street Nov. 21; the 100 block of North Balch Street Nov. 24; the 1000 block of Frederick Boulevard Nov. 24; the 800 block of Memorial Parkway Nov. 25; the 1400 block of Garman Road Nov. 26; the 500 block of West Market Street Nov. 26; the 800 block of Nome Avenue Nov. 26; the 2600 block of Addyston Road Nov. 27; the 100 block of South Portage Path Nov. 27; the 100 block of North Balch Street Nov. 28; the 1900 block of Auten Drive Nov. 29; the 100 block of Aqueduct Street Dec. 1; the 700 block of Copley Road Dec. 1; the 500 block of North Hawkins Avenue Dec. 2; the 800 block of Stadelman Avenue Dec. 2; and the 100 block of South Walnut Street Dec. 2.

On Nov. 25, Buchtel Community Learning Center officials reported 30 to 50 laptop computers had been stolen from various classrooms sometime between Sept. 3 and Nov. 22. An investigation is pending.

A 40-year-old Ravenna man failed to heed a stop sign Nov. 25 and was pulled over at Wildwood and Hoye avenues. Akron police officers then found a bag containing crack cocaine in the center console of the vehicle, along with a black digital scale, and an additional bag of crack and a bag of powder cocaine in the man’s jacket pocket. He was charged with possession of crack, cocaine and criminal tools and booked into the Summit County Jail.

A 37-year-old Audubon Road man was charged with drug abuse and tampering with evidence after he was stopped at Grace and Garth avenues for not using a turn signal Nov. 26. Officers noted the man appeared to have something in his mouth, and when they asked him to spit it out, they found crack cocaine.

The same day, a Downtown Akron man was taken into custody after officers observed him walking around in circles, according to the police report. When questioned near Lawton Street and Noble Avenue, the man, 39, admitted to having a rock of crack in the hood of his sweatshirt and heroin in his pocket, according to officers. He was charged with possession of the drugs.

Also that day, a 36-year-old Summit Lake neighborhood woman was pulled over at Copley Road and Crestview Avenue for having a large crack in the windshield of her vehicle. The driver had a warrant on file, and her license was suspended, according to officers. A hypodermic needle was found on the front passenger seat, and the woman was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.

Four people were arrested Nov. 27 in connection with a robbery that took place around midnight Nov. 26 near The University of Akron, including a 19-year-old Crosby Street man. Also charged with robbery were a 21-year-old Cleveland man, a 23-year-old Tallmadge woman and a 17-year-old Downtown Akron male. The adults were transported to the Summit County Jail, and the juvenile was taken to the Summit County Juvenile Detention Center. The victims were two 19-year-old men who were allegedly held at gunpoint and forced to give up their belongings, including wallets, keys and an iPhone. Officers noted a weapon used in the robbery turned out to be a pellet gun.

After a woman was unknowingly robbed in the 2600 block of Addyston Road Nov. 27, her purse was recovered by children who found it in the middle of the street while playing in the 1000 block of Taylor Street, nearly 7 miles away. Officers discovered an open bedroom window at the woman’s home, according to the police report. She said she had been home all day and didn’t see or hear anything, and nothing else in the house was disturbed, according to the report.

On Nov. 29 around 4 a.m., two gas station clerks working in the 1600 block of Merriman Road locked themselves in a cooler after a man came inside and pointed a gun at one of them. The suspects stole an unknown amount of cigars, according to the police report. The Akron Police Department (APD) is requesting assistance in identifying the suspects, whose race could not be determined: a man between 18 and 25 years old, weighing 140 to 160 pounds, between 5 feet, 10 inches and 6 feet tall, wearing a black hoodie with a red design on the front and dark pants; and a woman between 18 and 25 years old, weighing 200 to 220 pounds, between 5 feet, 4 inches and 5 feet, 5 inches tall, wearing a gray hoodie, dark pants and white gloves. The pair fled on foot. The APD has published a surveillance camera video of the crime, No. 13-030410, at www.you tube.com/akronpolice. To report information, call the Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490 or leave a tip at www.akroncops.org.

An 18-year-old Work Drive woman was charged with tampering with evidence Nov. 29 after she allegedly took a gun from her brother and attempted to hide it from officers in the trunk of a car. In a related incident, a 21-year-old Everton Drive man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and tampering with evidence after he was observed driving away from the scene of a fight. Officers found a loaded revolver inside the vehicle in the 800 block of Work Drive, according to APD officials.

A 31-year-old Copley woman was charged with possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence Dec. 1. During a traffic stop at Noble Avenue and Copley Road, she allegedly attempted to hide the drug in her pants.

BATH: Police are seeking two women who made fraudulent returns at a North Cleveland-Massillon Road home supply store in exchange for gift cards Nov. 21. Loss prevention agents at the store reported the women have been involved in numerous fraudulent returns at the chain’s stores throughout Summit County and in Northeast Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

A woman reported she went to an Embassy Parkway medical office for an appointment Nov. 25 and saw her former boyfriend’s ex-wife in the parking lot. When she returned to her vehicle, she found someone had scratched the side of it.

On Nov. 25, police confiscated three counterfeit $50 bills passed by an unknown customer at a Montrose beauty supply store between 3 and 9 p.m.

Officers investigated a two-car crash at the intersection of Medina and Crystal Lake roads at 3 a.m. Nov. 25. One driver was cited for two traffic violations and taken to a hospital for injuries. Additional charges were pending results of a blood alcohol test performed at the hospital.

A man reported Nov. 25 his Ford Explorer was stolen from the parking lot of a Montrose grocery store. He said he parked the vehicle in the lot at 9 p.m. the previous night, placed the keys in a cup-holder and left the vehicle unlocked.

Two women who were sharing a room at a Medina Road hotel reported Nov. 25 they propped the door to the room open while they visited friends in other rooms. When they went to sleep at 3 a.m., the door was still propped open. They woke the following morning to find one woman’s cell phone had been stolen, another woman’s purse and iPad were missing and her debit card had been used at a nearby gas station.

Police patrolling Medina Road Nov. 25 stopped a driver for lane violations. Officers noticed an odor of marijuana in the vehicle and located a bag of marijuana in the driver’s pocket. The driver was charged with possession of marijuana and released with a court summons.

The manager of a Medina Road game store reported Nov. 25 three people entered the store. One person occupied the clerk while the other two stole seven game consoles.

On Nov. 27, police were called to a Springside Drive business where a manager reported a man was fingerprinted for employment purposes. When he was finished, he took a key to a computer room containing federal information. The man later returned with the key and said he accidentally took it. The manager changed the lock on the door and asked that the matter be documented.

A woman staying at a Springside Drive motel Nov. 28 reported her vehicle was stolen from the parking lot the previous night. Later that day, Akron police recovered the vehicle at a hospital. The driver said he did not steal the vehicle, but he knew it had been stolen when someone gave it to him. Charges are pending completion of an investigation.

Officers responded to a fight between a father and son at a Revere Road residence Nov. 28. Both parties were injured, and an investigation concluded the son was the primary aggressor. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

On Nov. 28, officers on North Cleveland-Massillon Road stopped a driver for a vehicle equipment violation, noticed an odor of alcohol in the vehicle and determined two male passengers had been drinking. They were charged with underage drinking and released to the driver.

Police responded to reports of a reckless driver traveling south on Interstate 77 Nov. 30, observed the driver swerving across lane lines and stopped him. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and taken to a detoxification center. His BAC tested .206.

COPLEY: On Nov. 22, a Sunside Drive woman reported a property dispute with her neighbor, whom she says has placed a wooden stake on her property. Police contacted the neighbor, who denied being involved in a property dispute or placing anything on her property. The neighbor was advised to stay off the woman’s property and have no contact with her.

Police are investigating a Nov. 24 report filed by a Cliffside Drive man who said his granddaughter, who lives with him and attends Copley High School, has knowledge of threats made against one of her classmates by an adult male whom she refused to identify. The victim’s mother learned of the threats and went to the Cliffside Drive home to confront the juvenile, but she again refused to identify the older male who made the threat. Officers advised all parties to contact them if they learn the identity.

Around 11 p.m. Nov. 25, police were called to a Montrose drive-in restaurant where a manager reported two customers used a counterfeit $20 bill to pay for their food. Police confiscated the bill.

Officers responded to the parking lot of a Medina Road movie theater Nov. 26. Bath police officers assisted as police located a male slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle with the engine running. It was difficult to wake the driver, but he eventually woke and admitted drinking two beers before driving. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI. The vehicle was towed to an impound lot.

Police are investigating a Nov. 26 report by an employee of a Heritage Woods Drive medical facility stating a man called and threatened to harm a physician who practices at the facility.

A driver traveling on Minor Road near Medina Line Road struck a deer with his vehicle Nov. 29, causing heavy front-end damage to the vehicle. The same evening, a driver on state Route 21 near the Stimson Road overpass struck a large buck, causing the vehicle’s air bag to deploy and causing disabling damage to the vehicle.

FAIRLAWN: The manager of a West Market Street restaurant reported Nov. 22 he parked his vehicle in the lot at 5 p.m. and returned at 12:45 a.m. to find an iPad and cordless drill had been stolen from it.

An employee of a West Market Street business reported a temporary license plate was stolen from her car while she worked between 5 and 9 p.m. Nov. 22.

On Nov. 23, police investigated extensive vandalism in the parking lot of a Winchester Road apartment complex, where tires on 14 vehicles had been flattened the previous night. Officers followed turf damage on Buffington, Winchester and Morewood roads and spoke to a Buffington Road man who said feces had been smeared on a vehicle in his driveway. City property in the area also had been turfed. Officers followed muddy tracks to a driveway on Buffington Road, where they located an SUV with grass and mud on the wheels and under the vehicle. They spoke to the owner, who lived next door, and he said he had been home all night and that he loaned the vehicle to a person whose name he didn’t know. He was arrested for felony domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail. The vehicle was impounded.

Police are seeking two females in connection with reports of theft and forgery at a mall department store Nov. 23, when a black woman, described as being large and wearing a tan cardigan and black leggings, passed eight counterfeit $50 bills and received merchandise and change. Her companion was a black female described as of medium build with long, black hair who wore jeans and leopard print shoes.

Following an investigation, an employee of a Montrose discount store was arrested for theft Nov. 25 after she loaded $200 on each of two gift cards, which she kept, and under-rang furniture, causing a total loss to the store of more than $422. The Akron woman was released with a court summons and banned from all stores in the chain. The same day at the same store, another employee was charged with theft after he was observed on video surveillance footage as he printed photos valued at more than $80 on three occasions and charged less than $3 each time, causing a total loss to the store of $196. The Barberton man admitted he printed the photos for himself and undercharged for them. He was released with a court summons.

The manager of a mall specialty store reported Nov. 27 a female opened a package of balloons, put them in her purse and put the empty bag back on a shelf. The juvenile was charged with theft and released to her father.

At 1 a.m. Nov. 29, employees of a mall department store reported a woman took clothing into a fitting room and was heard cutting security sensors off the clothing. She emerged without the clothing, which she had concealed in her purse. Police found merchandise worth $128 in her purse, along with wire-cutters and a penknife, which they confiscated. Merchandise stolen from another mall store also was located in her purse. The Akron woman was charged with theft and possession of criminal tools, and banned from the mall indefinitely.

NORTON: Following a traffic stop Nov. 19, Barberton police arrested a man on a Norton warrant for having an open container is a vehicle. He was booked into the Barberton Jail on the warrant and additional charges in Barberton.

On Nov. 21, police went to a Watkins Road residence and arrested a man on a warrant for domestic violence. He was taken to the Summit County Jail.

Police contacted a Florida man Nov. 22 after his ex-wife reported he has been placing harassing phone calls to her cell phone. She said he has a number for a phone at her home on Gardner Boulevard, which he is required to use in order to call his children, and he has been told not to call her cell phone. When officers contacted him, he was uncooperative and hung up the phone. Police advised the victim to also contact officers in his home community and said if the suspect continues to call her, they will sign a warrant for his arrest.

A Doylestown man went hiking in a wooded area off Limestone Drive Nov. 22 and called his daughter when he got lost. Police cut a lock from a gate around the private property near Dorothy Avenue and located the man. They confiscated a firearm and ammunition from him, and he was transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

PENINSULA: On Oct. 4, a police officer was dispatched to a school on Quick Road regarding an accident between a car and a bus. The driver of the car was trying to pass the bus when she struck her passenger side mirror along the bus, resulting in a minor scratch to the mirror and no damage to the bus. The officer advised the bus manager that there was no damage to the bus and that an incident report would be filed.

An officer was sent to a residence on Akron-Peninsula Road Oct. 5 in reference to a suspicious male who had knocked on the door of the residence to ask for money. After the officer located the male walking on the road, the man was asked for his identification, which he provided. The man said his vehicle had run out of gas on Hines Hill and state Route 8 and he had knocked on the door to offer money for a ride so that he could get gas for his vehicle. The officer called dispatch to ask the Boston Heights Police Department for assistance. A patrolman from that department arrived on the scene to help the man.

Three officers responded to Lock 29 for a backup request from a National Park Service ranger regarding a male subject being uncooperative Oct. 10. The officers found the ranger escorting a man with a bike from the Lock 29 closed parking area. The man walked to his car, which was parked on Mill Street, to retrieve his driver’s license. The man was reportedly “very uncooperative” toward the officers and said he didn’t care whether the park was closed, since he had been riding his bike on the trail for years. The ranger cited the man for being in the closed park. Before the man left, he said he would be back at a future date and he would bring the Akron Bike Club with him. No other action was taken.

On Oct. 11, an officer was dispatched to a car fire at Main and Ridgeway streets. Upon arrival, the officer found the car fully engulfed in flames with all occupants out of the vehicle. The officer assisted Valley Fire District personnel with traffic control.

An officer was dispatched to Oak Hill Road Oct. 12 in reference to a complaint of damage to a vehicle. The officer met a woman who said she heard glass breaking between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and found a round broken glass lens lying in front of her vehicle. Upon further investigation, the officer discovered the lens had fallen from a security lamp on the woman’s garage. There was no damage to the vehicle.

On Oct. 16, two officers responded to a Whaley Road location to speak with a woman who said a neighbor had dumped trash in her flower beds by the mailbox and then drove off. The woman, who was described in the report as “visibly upset,” said these actions were part of an ongoing dispute with this neighbor. The woman was advised of her options.

An officer was sent to a Keenan Road location Oct. 17 in reference to some alleged threats. The officer met a woman who said she had been informed by several residents of the trailer park that a man had been saying that he could “put something in front of her vehicle or in her vehicle and she would never see it.” The woman said she believed the man would do something to damage her vehicle and cause injuries to her.

Two officers responded to a trailer park in Boston Township Oct. 22 for a report of bullying over the Internet. A man reported that while he was playing online poker, a man known only as “J.J.” called him a “two-faced liar” and threatened him with physical harm. The resident got an address for “J.J.,” but could not be sure whether it was an accurate address. The resident admitted to bullying back. No further action was taken.

Two officers responded to a school on Bronson Street Oct. 23 regarding an unruly juvenile. Upon arrival, the officer located a female juvenile in the principal’s office being restrained by members of the staff. The girl had been throwing papers and misbehaving in class. When the officer arrived, the girl was let go, and she sat in a chair until her father arrived to take her home. The girl was suspended for one day.

On Oct. 24, an officer was advised of a possible OVI violation. After the officer observed the vehicle moving erratically, the driver was pulled over. The driver failed to perform the field sobriety test and was arrested for driving left of center and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

RICHFIELD: On Nov. 18, police searched an area near a Wheatley Road gas station after a man reported his girlfriend, who lives in Cleveland, was house-sitting at a residence near the gas station and told him a man was holding her there against her will. The victim’s mother and children were also in the area searching for her, but police were unable to locate the house where she said she was being held. Detectives were investigating, and police advised her family to also file a report in Cleveland.

Officers investigated a report of attempted burglary at a residence on Brush Road Nov. 19 and spoke to the homeowner, who said he returned from a trip and his housekeeper told him the door to the residence had been damaged. He called a carpenter, who advised him to call police and said the damage to the door was minor but intentionally caused.

On Nov. 21, police investigated a report of an illegal campsite on property behind a Broadview Road residence. Officers found an unoccupied tent containing a marijuana smoking device and other items. A hose was leading from a propane tank into the tent. Police placed a note on the tent instructing the occupant to contact them and advised the caller and homeowner to contact them if they see the man who stays in the tent.

A Thistle Court woman called police to her residence the evening of Nov. 21 stating her live-in boyfriend was angry and drunk and she was frightened. The boyfriend left the residence before police arrived. When he returned, officers advised him they would place him in handcuffs for investigative purposes, and he began to resist. The man became increasingly uncooperative and combative with officers, and he was arrested for domestic violence by menacing, obstruction of official business, disorderly conduct by intoxication and disorderly conduct by being violent. He was taken to the Summit County Jail.

Police investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a Broadview Road veterinary office the night of Nov. 23 and found an intoxicated male in the back seat. He said a friend drove his vehicle to the location, but he was unable to provide the friend’s name or contact information. He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated, and held in the Richfield Jail on $404 bond. His BAC tested .156.


The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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