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Neighborhood Watch

South Side Neighborhood Watch

12/5/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

COVENTRY: A Bender Avenue woman reported she returned from Florida Nov. 15 to find a TV, watch and other items had been stolen from her home and her car was gone. Summit County sheriff’s deputies located her nephew, who admitted he stole and sold the vehicle, but he was unsure to whom. He said he also stole the other items, but he was uncertain where they were. He was charged with theft and grand theft of a motor vehicle and taken to a hospital for treatment of a cocaine addiction.

Deputies investigated a Nov. 23 report filed by a resident of a South Main Street facility stating her ex-daughter-in-law sent her threatening text messages and a photo depicting ashes in an urn.

A Greenbay Drive woman reported Nov. 24 her child’s father struck her during an argument at her home. She had a red mark on her face, for which she declined medical assistance. The male was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

Deputies were called to a bar in a Manchester Road shopping mall Nov. 24 for an intoxicated man who was creating a disturbance. The Akron man was charged with disorderly conduct and released with a court summons.

On Nov. 24, a Littledale Drive man reported a Nancy Avenue man was driving recklessly back and forth in front of his residence, and when he yelled at the driver, the man flashed a gun. The driver denied having a gun, and a consent search failed to reveal any weapons in his possession. The two males were advised to have no contact with each other.

A Radnor Avenue woman was arrested on a warrant at her home Nov. 24 and released to the Barberton Police Department.

An employee of a Portage Lakes Drive bar reported Nov. 25 a vehicle had been in the parking lot since Nov. 18. Deputies determined it had been reported stolen from Akron and contacted the owner, who said her husband left the vehicle outside the restaurant and forgot he left it there. When she saw that the vehicle was missing, she reported it stolen. She retrieved the vehicle.

Deputies investigated the theft of bedroom furniture worth $800, a karaoke machine and a bicycle from a rented room in an East Waterloo Road residence Nov. 26.

A Lake Vista Drive resident reported Nov. 27 someone entered a vehicle in the driveway the previous night and stole money.

On Nov. 28, a North Turkeyfoot Lake Road man reported he and his live-in girlfriend had a verbal argument, which turned physical when she punched him. He refused to sign charges. Deputies arrested the woman for domestic violence, took her to the Summit County Jail and signed a motion for a temporary protection order on his behalf.

Deputies went to a Longworth Lane apartment Nov. 29, arrested a resident on an Akron warrant for theft and obstruction of official business, and took him to the Summit County Jail.

On Dec. 1, deputies responded to a call about two males inside a fenced area at an Interstate Parkway business breaking into recreational vehicles. Deputies were informed the two fled in a white Nissan Altima, and the vehicle was spotted nearby and stopped. The two men, both from Mansfield, were determined to have broken into several vehicles after several TVs, fireplaces, Blu-ray players and surround-sound systems were recovered, along with criminal tools. Both were charged with breaking and entering and theft. Further charges are expected, as the two are suspected of taking part in similar offenses at the business and other similar dealers in the area.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier

GREEN: A Farview Road man reported Nov. 18 an air compressor, heater, extension cord and other items totaling $800 were stolen from a vehicle in his driveway the previous night.

An Akron cab driver reported he took a man to an address on Fox Hollow Lane the night of Nov. 19, and the man exited the cab without paying a $46 fare. He attempted to pay with a blank check, then walked away. Summit County sheriff’s deputies were unable to locate him, and they signed a warrant for his arrest for theft.

Deputies investigated a Nov. 19 report that someone disabled a motion sensor outside a Farview Road residence, entered a box truck and stole numerous tools and equipment.

On Nov. 21, A Greenway Drive man reported someone entered his unlocked garage and punctured three tires and the gas tank on his truck.

A woman staying at a motel on Corporate Woods Parkway reported Nov. 23 a man standing in a second-floor hallway grabbed her arm as she passed him and tried to kiss her. The North Carolina man denied the allegation, and he was asked to leave the motel and not return.

A Mansfield woman reported her purse was stolen from a locked vehicle outside a Parfoure Boulevard residence Nov. 24.

Someone entered two vehicles outside a Watervale Drive residence Nov. 26 and stole a laptop computer, GPS unit and other items.

Security screeners at Akron-Canton Airport found two drug pipes in a Cleveland woman’s luggage Nov. 26. She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and released with a court summons. The items were confiscated.

A Premae Drive man reported Nov. 26 someone entered an unlocked vehicle in his driveway and stole a handgun. Deputies entered information about the gun into a national database for stolen firearms.

On Nov. 28, a man reported an Akron woman he stopped seeing after several dates showed up at a Town Park Boulevard bar and asked him to step outside to talk. Following the conversation, he turned to go back inside, and she struck him in the back of the head. He declined prosecution and asked deputies to advise her he does not want to see her again.

Deputies investigated reports of vehicle break-ins outside two residences on Magua Drive the night of Nov. 29. The interior of one vehicle was ransacked, but nothing was stolen. An undetermined amount of money was stolen from the other vehicle.

An Abbyshire Road man reported Nov. 30 a semi-automatic handgun was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in his driveway the previous night. Deputies entered information about the gun into a national database for stolen firearms.

A mailbox was stolen from outside a Shriver Road residence Nov. 30.

Following a registration check of a vehicle at a Massillon Road park Nov. 30, deputies arrested a Canton man on a felony warrant from California and took him to the Summit County Jail to await extradition.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier

LAKEMORE: Springfield High School was evacuated Nov. 14 after a fire was started in the stall of the boy’s restroom located on the first floor by the cafeteria. Lakemore and Springfield fire departments arrived to extinguish it. Police questioned two male students seen walking away from the school after the evacuation. One was also seen walking away from the restroom before the fire started.

Soffit material and scrap aluminum was stolen from a Pawnee Boulevard property Nov. 18.

A South Akron juvenile male was charged with disorderly conduct Nov. 20. The youth attacked another student from behind and injured a teacher who tried to intervene.

On Nov. 22, a warrant for telecommunications harassment was issued for an Oriole Avenue woman who reportedly texted her ex-boyfriend despite being told not to contact the man by police.

Also on that day, a Farmdale Avenue woman reported she believes her son took a video game system, figurines, a drum set and a washing machine from the home, which is in foreclosure.

An Elmer Avenue man reported Nov. 24 that his Kelly Avenue friend opened two credit accounts in his name. He told police he confronted the man, who allegedly admitted doing so, got the cards back and closed the accounts.

A Cayuga Avenue resident reported a neighbor’s dog comes over to her property continually, and it attacked her dog Nov. 29. The owner told police he would take care of the matter.

The baseball field at a Wilson Avenue school was turfed Nov. 30.

Police issued a warrant for domestic violence Nov. 30 for a Sanitarium Road man who allegedly slapped his live-in girlfriend, shoved her on the bed, broke a family room window and threw furniture on the lawn.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay

NEW FRANKLIN: Police responded to an activated alarm at a Kungle Road business Nov. 24 and on Nov. 28 at Lahm Drive and West Turkeyfoot Lake Road residences. The last two were both found to be secure.

On Nov. 24, police received a 9-1-1 call from a motorist on State Road reportedly saying he was lost and needed help getting home, and he had pulled over while he was driving. The Oakland Avenue man was arrested for driving under the influence, with a BAC of .17.

A Milan Street man was arrested Nov. 28 on Manchester Road for driving under the influence following a stop for a traffic violation.

— Compiled by Joyce Rainey Long

SPRINGFIELD: A chop saw and battery charger were stolen from a Moonlight Drive home Nov. 18.

A 13-year-old male at Spring Hill Junior High School was charged with possession of marijuana Nov. 18 after he was reportedly found with a bag of the substance in school.

Almost $4,000 in tools was stolen from a truck on Moonlight Drive Nov. 18.

On Nov. 19, a 13-year-old juvenile male from Springfield was caught inside a vehicle on Farmdale Road. The vehicle owner declined to press charges. The youth allegedly admitted to police that he took two packs of cigarettes from another vehicle. The boy was transported to his grandparents’ home.

Police responded to a call Nov. 20 regarding an intoxicated Oriole Avenue man who reportedly threatened to “take out” his two sisters at the home with one punch. The sisters reported the man knocked over a tree during an argument. Due to conflicting stories and no physical violence, no charges were filed.

A Fenn Road man reported Nov. 21 that he saw five juvenile males enter his vehicle. They took an army knife, Maglite, vice grips, pellet gun, two prescription medicines, razors, sweatshirts, an impact gun, charger, a USB port and change.

A Massillon Road motel employee called police Nov. 25 to report a theft. Police stopped a Prospect Avenue man nearby and found him in possession of stolen items. The motel declined prosecution, but police found marijuana, white powder, a pipe in the man’s vehicle and charged him with possession of marijuana, drugs and paraphernalia.

A computer tablet, cell phone and tools were reported stolen from a Columbine Avenue home Nov. 25.

A Fair Lane woman called police Nov. 26 to report she received flowers, a card and a letter from a “Tom.” The letter stated that he had seen her at a store and followed her home, and he wants to meet her. She told police that she also received flowers on Sweetest Day. Police are investigating.

A six-pack of beer was reported stolen from a Canton Road gas station Nov. 26 by someone driving a 2011 teal/green Chevy Impala.

A Columbine Avenue woman was charged with having a dog at-large Nov. 27 after her dog ran out to a man who was walking by with his dog and charged at him. The matter was an ongoing problem, according to police.

On Nov. 28, a Russett Lane home was entered and tobacco, cigarette tubes and soda were stolen.

A Lessig Avenue resident was charged with having a dog at-large after it was found running loose in the neighborhood Nov. 29.

An air compressor, surround sound system and video game system were reported stolen from an Ewart Road home Nov. 29.

Also on that day, a Pontius Road woman reported that while she was at a South Arlington Road store, someone stole her wallet from her purse. Her Social Security card, driver’s license, credit card, birth certificate, $50 and various other items were in the wallet.

A Clayben Drive woman reported Nov. 29 her bankcard number was used to pay a $350 cell phone bill belonging to someone else.

A rifle and case, a bag with tools and ammunition, and body armor was stolen from a Columbine Avenue home Dec. 2. Police entered the weapon into a national database of stolen firearms.

A Pin Oak man reported Dec. 2 he went to open a credit card and found numerous cards had been opened in his name, but he never got a bill. He told police he canceled all of them.

On Dec. 3 at 12:55 a.m., police stopped to question a 21-year-old Hazel Street man walking with a young female from Springfield. Police discovered she was 13 years old. He initially told police she was his stepsister, which police discovered was untrue. The man was charged with adult curfew, and the girl was charged with unruliness and transported home.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay

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