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2/27/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 1500 block of Akron-Peninsula Road Feb. 18; the 1600 block of Copley Road Feb. 18; the 100 block of South Balch Street Feb. 20; the 1400 block of Dewitt Drive Feb. 21; the 600 block of Grace Avenue Feb. 21; the 100 block of Oakdale Avenue Feb. 21; the 1700 block of East Waterford Court Feb. 21; the 1500 block of Berendo Avenue Feb. 22; the 400 block of Beechwood Drive Feb. 24; and the 1600 block of Fairfax Road Feb. 24.

On Feb. 18, two business owners in the 1500 block of Akron-Peninsula Road reported when they arrived at their respective workplaces to open up, they discovered someone had forced their way inside while they were closed. A lottery machine and ATM were damaged, and cash, vodka and a video security system were stolen from one place, while cash was stolen from the register at the neighboring business.

A 54-year-old McTaggart Drive woman was charged with possession of crack Feb. 18 at Frederick Boulevard and Diagonal Road.

On Feb. 19, a 47-year-old Barberton man was charged with possession of crack/cocaine after officers conducted a random vehicle registration check, discovered the owner had a suspended driver’s license and made a traffic stop. When they stopped him at Peckham Street and Hayden Avenue, they observed a rock of crack/cocaine on the floorboard, officers said.

A 37-year-old Snowfall Spur man was charged with possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana Feb. 19. Officers said they found him with nearly 8 grams of cocaine in 11 individually wrapped packages. Detectives executed a search warrant at his residence and recovered 13 grams of marijuana and more than $3,000 in cash.

On Feb. 20, a 49-year-old Canton man was charged with possession of Percocet and tampering with evidence after he was stopped for a traffic violation at McTaggart Drive and Vernon Odom Boulevard. He consented to a search of him and his vehicle, and officers found 15 Percocet pills on the driver’s seat, they reported. The man also admitted to throwing several pills out the window before they pulled him over, according to officers.

Officers responded to a traffic accident Feb. 21 around 10 a.m. in which the driver, a 28-year-old North Highland Avenue woman, was traveling northbound on Aqueduct Street at a high rate of speed, drove off the right side of the roadway and struck a tree near Hurlburt Street. Both driver and passenger were trapped inside of the car, and paramedics had to mechanically extricate both occupants, according to officers. The driver and passenger, who were not wearing seatbelts, were transported to nearby hospitals. The driver later died, and the passenger was listed in serious condition, according to officers. Alcohol, drugs and excessive speed appear to be factors in the accident, they said, and the accident remains under investigation.

Officers found 80 grams of marijuana and charged a man with drug abuse after they stopped a vehicle for making an improper left turn onto Copley Road from Noble Avenue Feb. 21. The driver, a 27-year-old Mineola Avenue man, was driving under suspension and had a large bag of marijuana in a pocket of his cargo pants, according to officers.

A 47-year-old Downtown Akron man was observed by officers smoking crack out of a crack pipe on the sidewalk on South Hawkins Avenue near Slosson Street Feb. 22. Two crack rocks and a crack pipe were found in his pockets, and the man was charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and taken to the Summit County Jail.

The same day, a 28-year-old Chapel Hill neighborhood man was charged with disorderly conduct after an incident in the 1500 block of Winhurst Drive. The man knocked on the victim’s door, though he admitted he did not know the residents, because he was cold and wanted to get inside, according to the police report. The man said he had gotten intoxicated in the Valley and was dropped off by an unknown person, according to the police report. The man’s vehicle was in the middle of the road down the street, officers noted. The resident of the house said he had never met the man before and refused to allow him inside, while the man continued to knock until police arrived, according to the report. The man was transported to the Summit County Jail.

A 27-year-old Doyle Street man was charged with disorderly conduct Feb. 23 following calls to police about fighting in the 400 block of Doyle Street Feb. 23. On the first call, none of the occupants of the residence was cooperative, saying nothing other than there had been a fight, according to officers. Officers responded a second time to the same location, this time with a report of shots having been fired. Shell casings were found at and around the scene, according to officers. Throughout the investigation, the Doyle Street man engaged in combative behavior and eventually was placed under arrest, according to the police report.

Officers pulled over a vehicle at South Hawkins Avenue and Little Street Feb. 23 after observing it swerving. The driver, a 31-year-old North Hill neighborhood man, was charged with possession of drugs after officers found heroin under his seat, and he was taken to the Summit County Jail. No charges were filed against the passengers in the car, a 31-year-old Goodyear Heights neighborhood man, along with three girls — two 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old.

Officers responded to a one-car crash at Copley Road and Interstate 77 Feb. 24. A warrant was issued for the driver, a 35-year-old Mercer Avenue man, who allegedly assaulted the passenger prior to exiting the highway, hitting two poles and coming to a stop in a field. The man fled the scene before officers arrived, according to the passenger’s report.

BATH: A woman reported her wallet, containing cash, credit cards and identification, was stolen from her purse while she shopped at a Medina Road grocery store Feb. 12.

Police were called to a North Cleveland-Massillon Road parking lot around 1 a.m. Feb. 15, when a man reported he agreed to meet a woman in the parking lot for the purpose of loaning her $20. He gave her the money while the two were standing outside the passenger side of his pickup truck. When he walked around the truck to enter the driver’s side, he believes she opened the door, stole the rest of his money and left. Police were attempting to contact her.

On Feb. 15, police were seeking a Bath juvenile on charges of unruly behavior after her parents reported she sneaked out of the house the previous night and had not been home. The parents said she has a history of similar behavior.

Officers patrolling Ghent Road the morning of Feb. 15 recognized a man whose license had been suspended driving a vehicle and performed a traffic stop. He was charged with driving under suspension and released with a court summons. His vehicle was towed.

A Granger Road man reported Feb. 15 that his border collie was bitten on the neck by his neighbor’s pit bull as he and the dog exited his apartment. Police reported the incident to the county dog warden for follow-up.

Employees of a Montrose grocery store reported Feb. 16 a suspicious male was in the men’s room for several hours, and the manager requested police tell him to leave. Officers located him in a restroom stall, and he provided false information about his identity. Police identified him and verified he was wanted on a warrant. He was charged with obstructing official business and released to the Canton Police Department on the warrant.

Police responded to a report of an injured deer on Hametown Road the night of Feb. 19. Officers located the injured animal and shot it.

A Glengary Road woman reported Feb. 19 she has been receiving unwanted text messages from an unknown male. Police reviewed the messages, which were not threatening or profane, and the woman said she is being “creeped out” by the man’s persistence. In the presence of officers, she sent him a return message asking him not to text or call her. Police advised that there could be criminal charges if the contact persists and told her to call if the man continues to send messages.

COPLEY: Officers assisted the Norton Police Department in apprehending a man who fled from the scene of a break-in Feb. 9. The man was found hiding in a tree in a wooded area near Hametown Road.

Around 1 a.m. Feb. 9, a customer at a Flight Memorial Drive restaurant reported several juveniles were smoking marijuana while they were in the drive-through lane. Police stopped the vehicle and noticed an odor of marijuana when the driver opened the window. The driver and two passengers insisted there was no marijuana or contraband in the vehicle. A male passenger eventually admitted they smoked marijuana earlier, but there was none in the car. They were released to their parents, who agreed to discipline them. A female passenger lied to police about her phone number, providing the number of a friend who tried to convince police she was an aunt. The juvenile was identified, and her parents were notified of the situation and agreed they would handle the matter at home. Due to cooperation, charges were not filed against any of the juveniles.

A Woodhaven Drive man reported Feb. 9 he has been receiving unwanted phone calls from someone, and he requested documentation of the incidents.

Police responded to an accident on Minor Road around midnight Feb. 9, when a woman lost control of her vehicle, which slid off the road and into a ditch.

A driver involved in a vehicle crash on Jacoby Road in the early hours of Feb. 10 failed a field sobriety test and had an elevated blood alcohol level. She was charged with DUI, and her vehicle was towed from the scene.

A Texas woman called police Feb. 10 and asked them to check on the welfare of her sister’s boyfriend, who was alone in a Rothrock Road motel. She said he told her he wanted to harm himself. Police located the male, who denied making any statements of harming himself and did not have a weapon. No police action was necessary.

A Hammond Boulevard woman called police Feb. 11 to request that an abandoned vehicle be removed from her driveway. She said her nephew asked if he could put the vehicle in her garage, and she declined his request. On Feb. 9, he left the car in the driveway and had not been back to get it. The car was towed from the property.

A woman living at a South Cleveland-Massillon Road residential facility reported Feb. 12 she has been receiving phone calls from a man who asks her to send him $365 so he can send her $1 million she allegedly won in a lottery. She told police she would not send any money, but she wants to meet with him. Police and security agents at her residential complex advised her not to attempt to meet with the man.

Police are investigating a report of domestic violence at a Montrose West Avenue hotel Feb. 19, when a woman reported she and the father of her child had an argument that escalated into a physical conflict when he grabbed her while she held the baby and forced her down on the bed. The man left before police arrived, and they were working to locate him for questioning.

FAIRLAWN: A 15-year-old male was arrested for shoplifting a cigarette lighter from a mall specialty store Feb. 15 after employees saw him conceal the item and leave the store. He was charged with theft, given a summons to appear in juvenile court and released to his mother.

A man who was waiting in his vehicle in a mall parking lot Feb. 15 reported he observed three juveniles walking between cars in the lot, and he saw them kick the side mirrors of a Jeep Cherokee. He followed them as they walked through the mall, but he lost sight of them while he attempted to obtain the phone number of the police station. Officers observed broken glass and the damaged vehicle, and notified the owner, who estimated the damage at $700. Police are seeking the juveniles.

Employees of a mall department store reported Feb. 17 a male and female selected a large number of clothing items and took them into fitting rooms. The two made several trips into the fitting rooms with items. When they exited the rooms, they had no items, and after they left, the store employees discovered there was no merchandise in the fitting rooms. Police spotted the two in the parking lot and observed them enter the mall. They were taken into custody when it was determined they were concealing merchandise, later determined to be worth $624, under their clothing. The Akron woman and the Cuyahoga Falls man were charged with theft and banned from the store. The female was additionally charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia found during her arrest. The male was additionally charged with possession of criminal tools when officers found pliers used to remove sensor tags in his possession. The merchandise was returned to the store.

The manager of a South Cleveland-Massillon grocery store called police Feb. 18 after a cashier reported a man purchased a 98-cent item and paid with a $50 bill. When she gave him change, he asked for the money in different denominations, placed more of his own money on the counter and continued asking the cashier to make change for the bills. He scooped up all the money on the counter and left, creating a shortage in the cash register of $150. He was described as a black male with a gray goatee, 5 feet, 8 inches tall, about 250 pounds and wearing a black coat.

On Feb. 20, police charged an Akron man with theft and released him with a court summons after employees of a West Market Street grocery store reported he concealed items in his pocket, paid for other items and left the store.

NORTON: Police patrolling Summit Road the night of Feb. 12 found footprints leading to several buildings and contacted the property owner, who checked the buildings and discovered a black bag containing torches, tanks and copper had been stolen.

A Houston Road man reported someone entered an unlocked vehicle in his driveway between midnight and 7 a.m. Feb. 13 and stole several items, including a Dungeons and Dragons figurine.

Police responded to a report of trespassers in a secure area outside of a Wadsworth Road plumbing business the night of Feb. 13. Officers entered the fenced area, observed two people fleeing and followed footprints through a field of briars to a Hametown Road residence, but no one was there. A man walking on Wadsworth Road was questioned and told police he had been in a vehicle and was kicked out after an argument. His clothing had briars, which he could not explain. An attendant at a Wadsworth Road gas station told police the man was at the station, but he was not in a vehicle. Police determined his shoe prints matched the prints found around the business and arrested him for criminal trespassing. Police are seeking the second person.

A contractor working on water lines at a Greenwich Road grocery store reported Feb. 13 someone used a key to enter a storage room and steal copper pipes and fittings worth $700.

A Houston Road man reported someone entered an unlocked vehicle in his driveway Feb. 13 and stole items.

Police are investigating the burglary of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road automotive business the night of Feb. 12. The owner reported he arrived at work at 7:30 a.m. Feb. 13 and found a window had been smashed, the cash register was on the floor and cash was missing.

At 3:30 a.m. Feb. 13, police responded to a burglar alarm at a Clarkmill Road sand and gravel business and determined a window had been smashed, but no entry was gained. Officers followed footprints in the snow, but were unable to locate anyone.

Officers responded to a crash at a Krancz Drive car wash Feb. 13, when a woman backed her car into a bay door, causing the door to open. According to a witness, the driver continued to back up and struck a pickup truck, damaging the front grill.

Summit County sheriff’s deputies arrested an Akron man on a Norton warrant Feb. 15. He was charged and taken to the Barberton Jail.

An Akron woman was charged with the theft of food and hygiene items worth $22 from a Greenwich Road grocery store Feb. 16 and released with a court summons.

Also on Feb. 16, Rittman police requested assistance in locating a woman in connection with a report of unauthorized use of a vehicle. Police found the woman at a Greenwich Road funeral home, but she said her boyfriend had the vehicle. She called him, and he drove the vehicle to the location, but the Rittman Police Department declined prosecution due to conflicting information among her family members regarding her permission to use the vehicle. She was arrested on Norton and Barberton warrants and taken to the Barberton Jail.

A Canton man arrested by Stark County sheriff’s deputies on a Norton warrant Feb. 17 was charged and taken to the Summit County Jail.

An Oak Street woman called police at 4 a.m. Feb. 18, when she said her son’s friend was intoxicated and he became angry and punched out a window of the residence. Police found him walking on the road, arrested him for criminal damaging and released him with a court summons to a responsible party.

Police and EMS responded to a Greenwich Road residence Feb. 19 and found a man lying on a bedroom floor. Police confiscated a spoon and syringe containing suspected heroin, and EMS transported the victim to a hospital. Charges were pending completion of an investigation and the victim’s release from the hospital.

RICHFIELD: A Brush Road woman reported Feb. 10 a reflective marker was taken from her driveway. She said this is the second marker that has been taken from the yard and added she has a family member with special needs, and medical transport is often required at her residence, which makes the marker necessary. Police contacted the service director to have a new marker placed.

Police contacted the ex-wife of a Ridgeview Drive resident Feb. 10 and asked her to contact them after her ex-husband reported she has been repeatedly calling his home and cell phones and placing numerous calls to his place of business after she has been asked not to call him. He said in one day she called him five times between 1 and 5 a.m. and that she makes harassing calls to his girlfriend. Police are investigating, and they have advised the man to keep a log of the unwanted calls.

Officers patrolling Everett Road Feb. 12 stopped a driver for a traffic violation and arrested her for driving under suspension. Her vehicle was towed to an impound lot.

On Feb. 14, police responded to a report of a possible overdose of a Richlawn Drive woman. Police and EMS arrived to find the victim’s fiancée attempting to wake her and screaming for help. With the help of EMS, she regained consciousness and was transported to a hospital. Police confiscated drugs from the residence and identified them. The matter remains under investigation.

A driver stopped for lane violations as she drove on Brecksville Road around 1:22 a.m. Feb. 16 failed a field sobriety test, and her BAC tested .213. She was charged with DUI and released with a court summons.

Police assisted a Medina Line Road woman Feb. 16, when she reported her daughter had not been feeling well and that she has been missing for 24 hours. While police were investigating, the daughter called to say she had been taken to a hospital from a Bath pharmacy, where she went the previous day, and that she was still at the hospital.

A Southern Road man reported Feb. 16 juveniles were knocking on his door and throwing snowballs at his home. He detained one until police arrived and took the youth home in Bath. Three other juveniles were returned to their parents, who agreed to discipline them. The victim declined charges, but police advised all juveniles and parents they could be charged if the homeowner reported any damage.


The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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