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3/13/2014 - South Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

COVENTRY: Summit County sheriff’s deputies investigated a report of attempted theft, fraud and impersonation of a police officer Feb. 19, when a Sauer Street woman reported an unknown male called her, stated he was a police officer and said she would be arrested if she did not withdraw $687 from her bank account, load the money on a credit card and give him the numbers. When she refused, he hung up.

The night of Feb. 27, deputies stopped the driver of a vehicle without headlights after she swerved across the lane line on state Route 224. The Ravenna woman refused to stop for lights and sirens and continued driving to Interstate 77. When other officers joined in the pursuit, the woman stopped, but she refused to get out of the vehicle or open the door. Officers broke into the vehicle, charged her with failure to comply with police orders and EMS transported her to a mental health facility for an evaluation.

Employees of a Manchester Road bar called deputies March 1 when a patron pounded a vinyl fence, damaging it. The Cincinnati man was charged with criminal damaging and released with a court summons.

An Akron man observed sitting in a vehicle at a East Waterloo Road gas station March 3 was charged with having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle after deputies observed an open bottle of whiskey in plain view.

Deputies investigated the attempted burglary of a Woodduck Lane residence March 3, when a woman reported she looked through a peep hole in her front door and observed someone attempting to gain entry. He fled when he realized she was there and left in a vehicle.

On March 8, a Mallard Point Drive couple reported a Wigeon Way woman caused them alarm by entering their residence under false pretenses and attempting to provoke a confrontation with them. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and released with a court summons.

A Tallmadge man reported he was attacked and injured by a dog that was running loose at a Radnor Road location March 8. After learning of the incident, the dog owner left the scene and allowed the dog to continue running loose. Deputies signed a warrant for the arrest of the Beardsley Street man, and Summit County Animal Control Division officers took the dog.

A Glenmount Avenue man reported March 8 that a Clinton man showed up at his residence and began arguing with him after being told not to come to his residence. Deputies advised the man he could be arrested if he returned to the residence.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier


GREEN: On Feb. 21, Summit County sheriff’s deputies signed a warrant for the arrest of a Brooklyn, N.Y., woman and are seeking her female accomplice after an investigation into fraud and theft involving the use of counterfeit traveler’s checks at an Arlington Ridge Road store on two occasions. The women used checks worth $1,100 on Feb. 7 to purchase two iPods, two baby monitors and other items and received $200 cash. On Feb. 11, the women returned to the store and purchased breast pumps, baby monitors and other items using $800 in counterfeit checks and received $185 change. The women struck other branches of the store in the area, according to the police report.

A Koons Road man reported March 1 his residence was egged and defaced.

Deputies patrolling Massillon Road March 1 stopped an Akron man for a traffic violation and arrested him for driving under suspension. He was additionally charged with possession of marijuana, narcotic tablets and a hypodermic needle, and he was released with a court summons.

A woman reported her wallet and cell phone were stolen from her purse while she was at a Massillon Road church March 2 between 5:30 and 9:15 p.m.

Deputies investigated the theft of a 24-foot trailer from a business on East Turkeyfoot Lake Road March 3. Someone reportedly cut three locks securing the vehicle. Officers entered information about the stolen trailer into a national database for stolen vehicles.

A Uniontown man was arrested for shoplifting items from a Corporate Woods Parkway grocery store March 3. Deputies are seeking an Akron woman who assisted with the theft and fled before officers arrived.

A Berna Drive man reported March 4 someone used his personal identity to obtain a loan for $600, and collection agents have been contacting him regarding repayment.

On March 5, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance at a South Main Street residence. Both parties said the dispute was verbal, and they were advised regarding domestic violence laws. Officers were called back to the residence by the female a short time later, and she said her live-in boyfriend damaged household items and threatened to kill her. The man was charged with domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail. The victim declined to sign a motion for a temporary protection order, and deputies signed one on her behalf.

Deputies investigated a report of theft at a Massillon Road location March 5 and interviewed a North Canton woman, who gave consent for officers to search her purse. She was charged with possession of marijuana that was reportedly found in the purse and released with a court summons.

A baggage screener called deputies to Akron-Canton Airport March 5 after he discovered a loaded semi-automatic pistol in a Louisiana man’s carry-on luggage. The man was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A woman reported someone entered her unsecured locker while she worked out at a Massillon Road fitness center March 5 and stole money, an asthma inhaler and two credit cards.

A Norton pastor reported an unknown male called him March 7, claimed to be the pastor of another church and said a parishioner’s car had broken down at an East Turkeyfoot Lake Road gas station and he needed money for towing. The caller told the victim he would be reimbursed if he provided the cash. The Norton pastor met an unknown male at the gas station and gave him $200 cash. When he attempted to contact the caller the following day, he was unable to reach him. Deputies were unable to contact the caller and are investigating.

— Compiled by Maggie DeMellier


LAKEMORE: A Chelsea Drive woman reported Feb. 28 that a man renting her Fifth Street property took the refrigerator and a ceiling light when he left.

A Berwick Drive man reported Feb. 28 a friend who gave him a ride to another friend’s home stopped to beat him up in the road, resulting in a broken collar bone, ribs and a rotator cuff.

On March 1, three windows of a Martha Avenue home, which is vacant and listed for sale, were broken.

An Edith Avenue woman reported March 1 her ex-boyfriend’s wife, of 13th Street Southwest, caller her at work and threatened her. Police called the woman and left a message for her. The Edith Avenue woman was advised to get a restraining order.

The next day, the owner of a Main Street roller rink called police to report a Sawyer Avenue woman there for a party event was upset with prices and started using profanity. She refused to leave when asked several times, but finally did so, and when she left, she punched a picture frame, breaking it. Another patron paid for the damage, and no charges were filed.

On March 6, police were called to a fight at a Lake Road bar. An Ottawa Avenue man allegedly had broken a back window of the place, struck one man over the head with a bar stool and punched another man in the face. He also reportedly broke out windows on two cars in the lot. The man resisted arrest, ran off, but was later apprehended after being tazed. He kneed the police cruiser before being placed in the back seat and kicked the door when inside. He also reportedly threatened to kill the arresting officer and his family. The man was charged with criminal damaging, vandalism to government property and aggravated menacing. A Church Street man with him was charged with disorderly conduct. The two victims were treated on scene for cuts, but refused transport. One man later reported he got 12 stitches at a hospital.

A Laverne Lane woman called police for help March 7, when a neighbor who drives her to medical appointments refused to return a handicap placard despite several requests after she told him she no longer wanted his help. Police called the man, and he turned over the placard to them. They returned it to the woman.

While on patrol March 9, an officer observed what appeared to be a fire at the former Springfield High School. Upon investigating, they found two Faye Road men and later apprehended a Martin Road man and a Tonawanda Avenue male who had been burning paper. The Fire Department was called to extinguish the fire. One of the Faye Road men was charged with arson, and all four were charged with criminal damaging, criminal trespass and underage consumption of alcohol.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay


NEW FRANKLIN: A 23-year-old Hunsicker Drive man was arrested March 3 on charges of domestic violence and tampering with evidence. Police responded to a call after an alleged argument between the man and his 24-year-old brother, also of Hunsicker Drive. The 23-year-old man reportedly threatened to shoot his brother, then fired a shot and left in his vehicle. Police discovered a bullet hole in the ceiling, spent casing and camouflage pants with a firearm outside the residence. The 23-year-old was found in Barberton and reportedly told police the gun discharged accidentally.

On March 3, someone pumped $45 of gas into a vehicle at a Manchester Road gas station and left without paying. Police discovered the license plate number of the vehicle that had fled, but when police met with the owner of the vehicle, a Yager Road man, he reported his rear license plate had been stolen and he had not taken any gas. On March 6, the missing plate was found near Leeman Drive. Police are still investigating this incident.

A Fernlane Drive woman reported March 4 someone used her credit card to make unauthorized purchases online from a department store.

An Alexis Lane woman reported March 5 her $624 cell phone either fell out of her pocket or was stolen while she was at a West Turkeyfoot Lake Road location.

A Coleman Drive man reported his $6,126 utility trailer and tractor were stolen March 7 from a Barrymore Avenue driveway.

— Compiled by Joyce Rainey Long


SPRINGFIELD: During a traffic stop March 1, police charged a Camden Ridge woman with possession of drugs and drug abuse instruments after they found cocaine and a pipe in her car. She also was cited for driving under suspension.

A Canton Road man reported March 1 he dropped his wallet while shopping at an East Waterloo Road store, and when he returned to the store to search for it, he found someone had turned it in but it was missing a credit card, Social Security card, driver’s license and a prescription.

Police issued a warrant for a Lessig Avenue man on charges of felony domestic violence March 1. The man reportedly choked his wife and kicked her in the face. She was treated on scene. The man has a previous conviction for domestic violence from September 2013, according to the police report.

On March 2, a Delaware Avenue woman reported she believes a woman who came to look at puppies she had for sale took $130 missing from a piggy bank. Police attempted to contact the woman but were not successful.

A Massillon Road business owner reported March 4 an Ewart Road man took a company credit card and made three purchases without permission.

Police charged a Springfield juvenile male with domestic violence March 4 after he reportedly argued with his young sister, raised his fist at her as if to strike her and threw a lighter at her. The male was arrested and taken to the Summit County  Juvenile Detention Center.

A South Arlington Road motel employee reported a 12th Street man took a 37-inch TV from a room upon checking out March 5.

Also on that day, a Randolph Road man reported his grandson, who is living with them, used his wife’s credit card to make a $9.95 purchase without permission. Police left some forms for the woman, who was not at home during the report, to fill out.

On March 6, a Chelsea Drive woman reported she left her purse at the ATM inside an East Waterloo Road grocery store, and when she returned to retrieve it, she found her identification and $100 missing.

Police stopped to investigate a parked vehicle at a South Arlington Road construction site March 6. A 118th Street woman was charged with possession of drugs after a marijuana cigarette was found in the vehicle.

A 2003 gold Chevy Impala was reported stolen from a Rhoadesdale Court home March 6.

A Lyndon Drive woman reported March 6 someone used her identification to file income taxes.

A Stevenson Avenue man who was asked to leave several times while at a Coach Lane residence reportedly pulled a knife on a Newton Street man at the home March 7, then fled. Police located the Stevenson Avenue man and charged him with aggravated menacing.

An East Turkeyfoot Lake Road construction company owner reported March 7 that steel decking, angle beams and bearing plates were stolen from the construction site of the new Chapel Hill Christian School at 1639 Killian Road.

A South Main Street woman reported a Cordova Avenue woman she works with at a South Arlington Road restaurant is bullying and intimidating her. She told police the woman elbowed her in the rib cage three times during her seven-hour shift March 8.

Also on that day, a Prange Drive man who was intoxicated and belligerent to a waitress at a South Arlington Road restaurant and dumped two glasses of water on the floor was charged with disorderly conduct.

— Compiled by Maria Lindsay

Editor’s note: The reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with area police departments and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the South Side News Leader at 330-665-9595 or toll-free at 888-945-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the appropriate police department.

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