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Neighborhood Watch

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7/17/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 200 block of Crosby Street July 8; the 600 block of Hickory Street July 9; the 500 block of Crosby Street July 10; the 400 block of Moreley Avenue July 10; the 300 block of Noble Avenue July 10; the 800 block of Packard Drive July 10; the 100 block of Sheldon Drive July 10; the 200 block of Oakdale Avenue July 11; the 100 block of Doyle Court July 13; the 500 block of West Exchange Street July 14; and the 500 block of Treeside Drive July 14.

Charges for uttering and felony theft were filed against a 47-year-old Fairfield Avenue woman July 7. The woman, an employee at an Easter Avenue church, allegedly stole numerous checks from the church, made them payable to herself and cashed them for more than $4,000.

On July 9, a 28-year-old Southwest Akron woman was charged with attempted drug abuse after officers found Percocet pills in her purse on the front passenger seat of the vehicle she was driving when she was stopped in the 1500 block of South Hawkins Avenue for driving under suspension.

A 53-year-old Cordova Avenue woman was charged with possession of crack July 10 after she was stopped in the 100 block of Lake Street in the Summit Lake neighborhood for suspicious activity, according to officers. She also was driving on a suspended driver’s license, officers noted.

A 27-year-old Dean Street woman was arraigned July 10 on aggravated burglary charges. She claimed she went to the victim’s Grand Avenue apartment June 24 to get money that she was owed, according to officers.

On July 11, around 4:30 a.m., a woman attempted to rob the Rally’s restaurant located in the 1300 block of Vernon Odom Boulevard. According to police, the woman parked a 2003 blue Mercury Grand Marquis, approached the drive-through window on foot and stated, “This is a burglary. You are going to make me a sandwich and give me all of your money!” Soon after, the woman jumped into a waiting vehicle of unknown make and model containing several other occupants and fled the area without receiving anything, according to officers. Police are seeking the white female, who is reportedly blonde, 25 to 28 years old, 5 feet, 3 inches to 5 feet, 5 inches tall, 160 to 180 pounds and was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with neon colored strings and shorts. According to a witness, the woman also had a Taser gun in her waistband. The vehicle in which she arrived was abandoned at the scene, according to the police report. Anyone with information is asked to call the Akron Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490.

Officers were dispatched to the 1100 block of Winton Avenue July 11 to investigate a report that shots had been fired. On arrival, officers found crack, a crack pipe and a digital scale in plain view, as well as a loaded gun behind a couch. A 47-year-old Winton Avenue man was charged with having a concealed weapon, having weapons while under disability, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia and drug instruments.

Charges for drug abuse were filed July 11 after a 55-year-old Romig Road man was stopped in his vehicle for traffic violations in the 2100 block of Romig Road. After being given consent to search the vehicle, officers found bags of marijuana and crack in the vehicle.

Officers issued a warrant July 11 for a 32-year-old Crestview Avenue man transported by Akron Fire Department’s med unit to a hospital for an overdose. Officers found three hypodermic syringes, one of which was loaded with an unknown substance, lying in an open desk drawer at the man’s home. Also, officers found trace amounts of heroin at the scene. The man was charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug abuse instruments.

A Delia Avenue man reported July 12 he was walking home from his girlfriend’s house on Copley Road three days earlier when he was assaulted by four unknown men at Wildwood Avenue and Work Drive. He said after a verbal exchange, one of the four swung at him and they began to fight. Two men grabbed him from behind and threw him to the ground, where he was kicked in the head and ribs by three of the men, according to the police report. The men then left and the victim got up and walked home, according to the victim. He stated he did not want to make a report, but he was forced to go to a hospital three days after the incident due to injuries to his neck, rib and wrist.

On July 13, a 25-year-old Barberton man and a 23-year-old Doylestown man were charged with attempted drug abuse after officers pulled them over at South Hawkins Avenue and Vernon Odom Boulevard. According to the police report, the Barberton man, who was driving, made an improper turn and was driving on a suspended license. Officers found two grams of powder cocaine in one cup holder and five Xanax pills in another.

On July 14, a 20-year-old Noble Avenue man was charged with obstruction of police business, willful fleeing, trafficking in marijuana and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. Officers observed the man driving at a high rate of speed on Greenwood Avenue, and he ran a stop sign as officers attempted to catch up in their vehicle, according to the police report. When officers were able to attempt to make a traffic stop, the driver did not stop, and a brief chase ended with a car accident at the intersection of Jefferson and Clemmer avenues. The driver then fled on foot, and after a short foot chase, officers apprehended him. He was transported to the Summit County Jail without further incident, according to officers.

A 28-year-old Summit Lake neighborhood man was murdered by an unknown person in the 1200 block of Packard Drive in the early morning of July 14. Officers responded to multiple 9-1-1 calls stating a male had been shot and was lying on the grass, according to the police report. The victim had been shot several times and was lying next to his vehicle in a driveway, according to the police report. Detectives are investigating.

BATH: The driver of a trash collection truck reported June 17 a lifting mechanism malfunctioned as he was collecting trash from a dumpster and caught on electric power lines, causing the lines to snap and a utility pole to be knocked down, and interrupting power temporarily. Workers from Ohio Edison responded to the scene and restored power.

On June 25, officers responded to a traffic crash on Granger and Medina Line roads, where a juvenile driver was cited for running a stop sign. No injuries were reported and the vehicles were driven from the scene.

Police responded to a domestic dispute on Revere Drive June 27 and determined it was a verbal argument. The parties agreed to separate for the remainder of the night.

A man reported June 29 he placed his wallet on his vehicle and accidentally drove away. He called back later that evening to say someone found the wallet and returned it and all contents to him.

On July 1, a Ghent Road woman reported her landlord assaulted her while she showed him work that needed to be done in the bathroom of the home she was renting. The landlord said he accidentally fell on her as he pushed past her, causing her to sustain a contusion. She declined charges and asked that the work be completed. Police advised the parties to avoid each other until the work was done.

Police are investigating a report of a possible sexual assault at a Bath residence July 3.

Around midnight July 5, police responded to a traffic crash on Interstate 77, where a driver reported he was traveling in the far left lane when another driver crossed lane lines, entered into his lane and struck his vehicle, then continued driving left and struck a guard rail, crossed the berm between the north and southbound lanes of traffic and struck a guardrail again. It was determined the driver whose vehicle crossed lane lines suffered a seizure while driving. He was transported by EMS to a hospital.

COPLEY: Police responded to a property dispute between residents on Sunside and Cliffside drives June 16 and advised the parties the dispute is a civil matter.

A woman reported her car was keyed while it was parked in the lot of a Montrose home improvement store between 2:30 and 3 p.m. June 16.

Officers responded to a one-car crash on state Route 21 June 16 and arrested the driver for DUI and possession of marijuana after finding it in the vehicle during a tow inventory.

On June 16, police were called to a fight in a third-floor room of a Rothrock Road motel. Officers arrived to find the fight had spilled into the parking lot, and they separated and identified the combatants. An Akron man was arrested on a warrant for robbery and released to Akron police.

Police are seeking the person who walked into a Montrose West Avenue business at 4 p.m. June 17 while employees were out of the room and stole a laptop computer from an office.

A man reported June 17 he saw a lawnmower sitting near South Cleveland-Massillon Road and pulled into the driveway of a residence to see if it was for sale. When he got out of his vehicle, a dog on a long leash ran down the driveway and bit his hand. He drove himself to a hospital, where he required nine stitches to close the wound. Police attempted to contact the dog’s owner, but they were not home at the time.

Police are tracing the license number on a vehicle used by a man who stole lottery tickets from a Copley Road gas station June 18. An employee reported the man asked to use the sink to wash his hands, then went behind the counter, stole the tickets and fled in the vehicle.

A man reported June 18 his golf bag, clubs and other items were stolen from a shared garage at a Crestmont Court residential complex. On July 7, the victim received a money order for $1,229 from the father of the person who stole the items. He accepted restitution for the stolen items and declined prosecution.

On June 19, an employee of a Copley business flagged down officers patrolling Montrose. The man stated his ex-wife’s boyfriend made threatening statements via a social media webpage and he saw them while he was at his place of business. He said he has a protection order against the boyfriend, who is also not to be in the presence of his 4-year-old child, but the child told him that order has been violated. Police agreed to file a report and the victim said he is planning to address the violation of the protection order through the proper authorities.

Officers responded to a vehicle crash on Ridgewood Road July 2. A driver told officers he zoned out while driving and his vehicle crossed the centerline and struck another vehicle head-on. The driver of that vehicle was transported to a hospital for treatment. The first driver declined medical transport. The vehicles were towed from the scene.

Police were called July 3 to an incident on Brookwall Drive, where two vehicles collided as they passed each other. Both drivers claimed their vehicles were sideswiped by the other. Police were unable to determine which driver was at fault for the accident and they filed a report. No injuries were reported.

FAIRLAWN: Police responded to a report that a man purchased beer in a West Market Street gas station the afternoon of July 3 and he was drinking it in his car. Officers located him and saw him consuming a beer while parked outside the gas station. He was charged with having an open container of beer in a vehicle and released with a summons.

An Akron woman was charged with theft for shoplifting a $15 shirt from a mall department store July 3, and released with a summons.

Employees of a West Market Street store reported July 4 an Akron juvenile concealed merchandise in a backpack and attempted to leave the store without paying for it. She was stopped by loss prevention agents and taken to a security office. She fled and police apprehended her. She struggled with officers, who took her to the ground, handcuffed her and arrested her for theft of merchandise worth $117. She was advised she is banned from the store indefinitely and was released to her sister.

Also July 4, police were called to a mall department store where employees reported a male concealed merchandise in a bag, left the store and got into a vehicle driven by a female. Officers located the vehicle on West Market Street and saw the male running on the road. Police located him hiding under a vehicle in the parking lot of the fire station and found the bag of merchandise in the bushes. The female was charged with driving under suspension and the male, who provided a false name, was charged with theft and obstructing official business and taken to a juvenile detention center where it was determined he had provided another false name. The 16-year-old Akron male was additionally charged with felony forgery.

Police were called to a mall vision care store July 5 by employees who reported a female left the store without paying for five pairs of designer eyeglass frames. Employees said she was wearing a red and white striped skirt and half of her head had been shaved. Police located the female exiting another store and found the merchandise, worth $1,240, in her purse. The Akron woman was arrested for felony theft and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A Spyglass Drive woman called police July 7 to report her husband grabbed her by the neck and punched her. He also punched her brother, who was visiting from Turkey, dragged him to the trash bin and threw him in. A witness at the residence confirmed the victim’s reports. Police located the husband hiding in the woods, arrested him on two counts of domestic violence and took him to the Summit County Jail. Officers signed motions for temporary protection orders on behalf of the victims.

On July 8, a manager called police to report she videotaped an employee taking cash from a register and pocketing it. The employee admitted she took a total of $1,000 from the store on several occasions, and she was arrested for theft, taken to the Summit County Jail and banned from the store indefinitely.

A Riviera Drive man reported he came home the night of July 8 to find a window partially open and a video game, safe, holster, ammunition and blank checks missing.

Employees of a Montrose discount store reported July 9 a woman took a bottle of soda and left the store without paying for it. Police located the Akron woman outside a grocery store, arrested her on a warrant and took her to the Summit County Jail.

NORTON: A Hillcrest Drive man reported June 29 someone used his credit card numbers to make a $519 purchase at a Michigan store.

A Berry Road man reported June 29 someone used a pellet gun to shoot out his porch light the previous night.

Police investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle on Glenbrook Drive at 4 a.m. June 30 and spoke to a resident who said three females egged his daughter’s car in the driveway of his residence and fled in a vehicle. Police traced the license number of the vehicle to a female who had reportedly been bullying his daughter. Officers contacted the female’s mother, who said her daughter was not home. At 6 a.m. that morning, police made contact with the female, who agreed to come to the police station. She was charged with criminal damaging. Several days later, she went to the police station to file a report stating she denied the allegations of criminal damaging and that the victim’s father was harassing her.

Just after midnight July 1, police were called to a fight at an Oak Street residence where a juvenile male exited the home and began yelling obscenities at police, who determined the fight started earlier at a Norton Avenue trailer park. A man reported he was visiting his girlfriend at the park when they heard a loud commotion and saw the juveniles fighting and yelling obscenities. One of the juveniles picked up a toilet lid and threw it at his girlfriend’s car, damaging it. The juveniles then ran to the Oak Street residence. Police charged two Norton juveniles and one Barberton juvenile with underage drinking, disorderly conduct and incorrigibility. One male was additionally charged with criminal damaging. All were summoned to juvenile court.

Police investigated a report of theft by deception July 1, when a Wadsworth Road man reported his father hired a housekeeper who used his credit cards to make fraudulent purchases and money withdrawals totaling $6,000, took his cell phone and had him sign over the title of his vehicle to her.

A Long Drive resident reported someone egged the residence and broke two metal bird feeders in the rear of the home the night of July 2.

During the night of July 3, police observed three males in a vehicle in the parking lot of a closed golf range. The driver refused to allow a search of the vehicle and the three men were arrested for criminal trespassing. A tow inventory of the vehicle revealed marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and the driver and one passenger were additionally charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia. All three were released with a summons.

A Johnson Road woman reported a Barberton man entered her residence while she and her children were sleeping the morning of July 8 and her grandmother saw him enter and exit the home. When her daughter woke, she discovered her cell phone was missing.

RICHFIELD: Police patrolling Wheatley Road at 12:45 a.m. June 30 observed a vehicle pulled partially off the road and two females lying in the front and rear seats. The driver exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication and additional officers responded to maintain heavy traffic at the scene following a concert at Blossom Music Center while the driver performed field sobriety tests, which she failed. She was charged with DUI and the passenger was charged with underage drinking. The vehicle was towed from the scene and the females were released on bond. During a tow inventory, police found an empty bottle of rum in the vehicle.

On June 1, a Southern Road man reported his family and co-workers have been receiving harassing text messages from a male acquaintance and he is apprehensive because the male has a permit to carry a gun. Police contacted the male and advised him the problems between the two men constitute a civil matter, but if he continues to send unwanted text messages, he could face criminal charges. He agreed to stop.

A man and woman reported July 1 they have a contract with a Macedonia landscaper to complete outdoor work at their new home on Glentrool Lane. They have wired two $35,000 payments to the landscaper, but no work has been completed and they have been unable to contact anyone at the business.

Police investigated a report that a vehicle was damaged at a construction site on Brecksville Road July 2 and spoke to the driver, who said she drove through concrete because there were no cones to prevent her from driving through it and no sign stating the right lane of the road was closed. After she drove away, her car began to shake and she had to pull off the road and have it towed. Construction workers said they had just poured the concrete and they were going to get a tarp to place over it when the driver went through it.

The manager of a Columbia Road business reported July 2 a former employee who had been banned from the property was at the business talking to an employee. Trespassing charges were declined but the man was advised he is not permitted to be at the business and if he returns, he could be charged with trespassing.

On July 3, a man reported his vehicle was involved in an accident in Copley the previous day and it was towed to a Brecksville Road business. When he went to pick up the vehicle, he determined a tri-ball hitch was missing from inside the vehicle.

Police responded to a report of three suspicious people in the area of Deer Creek Trail at 2 a.m. July 4 and spoke to a Fawn Chase resident who said someone was pounding on the door. Officers followed footprints in the grass and found a juvenile lying on the ground hiding in a row of pine trees. He admitted he and two friends had been knocking on doors and throwing eggs at houses and identified the houses they had egged. Police contacted the boy’s mother to come to the police station to pick him up and rounded up two other juveniles at a residence. The parents of all three were advised that an officer would be in touch with them regarding possible charges.

On July 4, police investigated the theft of a four-wheeler from a carport on Paula Drive.

A florist reported July 5 a vehicle damaged her property near the intersection of Alger and Broadview roads. Police determined a vehicle had gone airborne at the intersection and landed on her property, breaking a wooden stick and moving several large rocks before traveling through a flowerbed. The victim said this is the third time the property has been damaged by speeding motorists who fail to negotiate the turn from Broadview Road to Alger Road. Police collected vehicle parts as evidence.

Around 4 a.m. July 6, police investigated two suspicious vehicles in the parking lot of a closed Wheatley Road gas station and observed a male exit one vehicle and get into an unoccupied vehicle. Officers yelled for him to stop, but he drove away and was followed by the other vehicle. Police stopped both vehicles and arrested one man on a warrant for probation violation and released him to Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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