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Neighborhood Watch

West Side Neighborhood Watch

8/28/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 400 block of Zahn Drive Aug. 14; the 1600 block of Merriman Road Aug. 17; the 400 block of North Hawkins Avenue Aug. 18; the 600 block of Treeside Drive Aug. 19; the 200 block of Gordon Drive Aug. 20; the 1200 block of Dover Avenue Aug. 22; the 1500 block of South Hawkins Avenue Aug. 22; the 1500 block of Hampton Knoll Drive Aug. 23; the 1600 block of West Market Street Aug. 23; the 300 block of Doyle Street Aug. 24; the 400 block of Noble Avenue Aug. 24; the 1000 block of South Hawkins Avenue Aug. 25; and the 100 block of Oakdale Avenue Aug. 25.

Two West Akron men, a 25-year-old North Hawkins Avenue man and a 24-year-old Sand Run Road man, were stopped at Diagonal and Auldfarm roads Aug. 16 after leaving a known drughouse and found in possession of drugs. Both men had cocaine in their wallets and were charged with its possession, while the younger man was additionally charged with possession of Adderall after officers found a pill on his seat.

A 56-year-old Madison Avenue man was charged with domestic violence with a previous conviction and domestic violence menacing Aug. 17. He allegedly locked his wife out of the house after he threatened her, hit her in the head, threw her to the ground and twisted her wrist because he wanted money from her.

Also Aug. 17, a 49-year-old South Hawkins Avenue woman was charged with possession of crack/cocaine after she was stopped for a traffic violation at Nome and Bellevue avenues. Officers found the drug in her vehicle.

On Aug. 18, a 59-year-old South Walnut Street man was charged with felonious assault. He allegedly struck the victim, a 55-year-old man, in the head with a metal cane and hammer.

A 50-year-old Terrell Drive man was charged with possession of crack Aug. 18. He was stopped for traffic violations at North Hawkins Avenue and Thurmont Road and gave consent for officers to search his person and vehicle. Officers found crack/cocaine wrapped in a white piece of paper hidden under his armrest.

A 31-year-old Seward Avenue man was charged with improper handling of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of cocaine and possession of marijuana Aug. 19. He was stopped for a traffic violation at South Hawkins Avenue and Diagonal Road. Officers found he was driving on a suspended license, had cocaine wrapped in dollar bills, a loaded gun and a bag with five individually packed bags of marijuana.

The same day, a 21-year-old Storer Avenue man was charged with trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin, trafficking in marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, having weapons under disability, possession of a defaced firearm, obstructing justice and possession of drug paraphernalia. Officers were investigating a sexual assault inside a residence in the North Hill neighborhood when the man was found hiding in a crawl space, according to officers. He had drugs prepared for sale, as well as a pistol with the serial number defaced in his possession.

An 18-year-old Barberton man was charged with possession of crack/cocaine after being stopped Aug. 20 at West Market and South Walnut streets. A K-9 unit indicated drugs were in the vehicle, and officers found a bag of crack/cocaine under his seat and a bag of marijuana in his pocket.

BATH: Police were called to a residence on Top O’ Hill Drive Aug. 9. A male reported he was canvassing the neighborhood on behalf of his school band and began petting a Doberman at one residence. Other dogs began barking, and the Doberman became excited and bit his arm. He said the bite did not break the skin, but officers found several scratches on his arm. The victim’s family exchanged information with the dog owner, and police said a copy of the police report would be forwarded to Summit County Public Health for follow-up.

Officers are seeking a driver who went left of center as he drove westbound on Smith Road around midnight Aug. 9, sideswiped another car heading eastbound and left the scene. The victim reported no injuries, but the side of her vehicle was damaged and the outside mirror was pushed through the driver’s side window.

On the afternoon of Aug. 10, police and EMS responded to a three-car crash on North Cleveland-Massillon Road, where a man reported he was traveling southbound when the driver of a white car crossed the center line. He attempted to swerve out of the way, but her vehicle struck the front end of his vehicle, causing it to spin out of control and strike a third vehicle that was traveling behind the white car, which then struck the back of the victim’s vehicle. All three cars sustained immobilizing damage and had to be towed from the scene. The victim was transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries. An Akron woman driving the white car was charged with lane violations.

On Aug. 12, an Ira Road resident took two firearms to the police station to be destroyed.

A Bath woman was charged with failure to control her vehicle after it went off the road at the intersection of Ghent Hills Road and Duncan Spur, struck a culvert, drove along a ditch and ran over two tree stumps around 11:30 p.m. Aug. 16. The vehicle was towed from the scene. The driver reported no injuries at the time.

COPLEY: A guest at a Rothrock Road motel reported Aug. 8 she checked in at 4 p.m. and accidentally left her purse on the counter of the front desk. When she returned for it at 5:30, she discovered it had been placed behind the counter for her to pick up. She discovered her wallet, containing cash, credit cards and identification, was missing.

The afternoon of Aug. 8 police searched an area around a Schocalog Road residence for a brown and white husky-type dog that was wearing a chain collar with no ID tags when it entered a yard, killed one duck and attempted to kill another. Officers responded to a complaint about the same animal at a Copley Road rubber company several days earlier and were unable to locate the dog at that time.

On Aug. 9, police investigated a report of a suspicious male driving a silver convertible with a black top in the area of Centerview Drive and Copley Road. A woman reported her son saw him lurking in the area on two occasions. The child reported seeing a man who might have been the same person riding a four-wheeler at the intersection of Sunnyfield and Moreview drives. The child said on that occasion, the man asked him for directions.

Police responded to reports of loud noise and underage drinking in a room on the sixth floor of a Montrose West Avenue hotel at 1:30 a.m. Aug. 9 and found about 15 young people in the room. As officers were identifying them, one male walked away and told police he didn’t have to answer any of their questions. He was charged with obstruction of official business, given a court summons to Summit County Juvenile Court and released to his mother. The others in the room were identified and the juveniles were released to their parents.

A woman reported Aug. 9 her dog was attacked Aug. 4 by a dog that came from a residence on Salisbury Way, costing her $1,300, and she would like restitution from the owner of the other dog. Police contacted the owner, who said he was familiar with the incident and agreed to meet with the woman to discuss restitution.

Police responded to a one-car crash at the intersection of Hametown and Copley roads at 4:30 a.m. Aug. 10 and found a vehicle in a ditch. The driver appeared to be intoxicated, admitted drinking before driving and failed field sobriety tests. He was charged with DUI and released with a court summons. His BAC tested .217.

A Collier Road man reported Aug. 10 he left his residence at 12:30 p.m. and returned at 6 p.m. to find his garage door had been damaged by someone who backed a vehicle into it and left.

The afternoon of Aug. 11, police reviewed video surveillance footage of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road vision care center. Employees reported a man and two women entered and the man went to a window to make an appointment while the two females browsed the racks of eyeglass frames. According the video footage, the two females shoplifted five eyeglass frames.

Officers investigated the burglary of a North Cleveland-Massillon Road residence Aug. 11. Someone had entered the house during the day and stole a stereo, laptop computer, a gold ring, camera, videorecorder and other items.  

A Delaware Trail woman reported Aug. 13 a man she met while on vacation has been bothering her and showing up at her residence uninvited. She asked that police contact him. Officers advised him to have no contact with her and he agreed to comply.

A woman reported fuel was siphoned from her vehicle while it was parked outside a Jacoby Road residence Aug. 13.

FAIRLAWN: A contractor reported the theft of an extension ladder and belt sander from a work site on Baker Boulevard between Aug. 13 and Aug. 15.

On Aug. 15, an employee of a Fairlawn store reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle while she worked between 9:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Police are seeking a black male who wore a neon orange shirt, black hat and black shorts and rammed his green 2012 Toyota Camry into a vehicle driven by a mall security agent Aug. 16. The agent was pursuing the male, who reportedly shoplifted three pairs of jeans totaling $180 from a mall store. When a security agent confronted him, the male dropped the bag of merchandise and fled to his vehicle. When another agent pursued him in a security vehicle, the male rammed into his car and fled. Akron police went to the last known address of the vehicle owner, but discovered he no longer lives there. Police are reviewing video footage of the incident.

Following an Aug. 18 report by the manager of a West Market Street restaurant, police investigated the theft of $160 from a deposit safe.

A resident of a South Cleveland-Massillon Road facility reported he was transported to a hospital for emergency treatment Aug. 18, and he returned to find $140 had been stolen from the nightstand in his room.

A contractor who was renovating a house on Mackinaw Circle reported Aug. 19 construction equipment and power tools were stolen from the residence, which was unoccupied at the time. Police found no sign of forced entry.

NORTON: A Wadsworth Road woman reported Aug. 15 someone stole $400 and 45 prescription narcotic tablets from her residence.

An Akron woman reported Aug. 15 she loaned a Rush Road man a computer to use while he was on house arrest and he sold it at a Barberton pawnshop.

A Mount Vernon Boulevard man reported he heard someone attempt to open the rear sliding door of his house Aug. 15 and looked outside to see an unknown white male walking behind his house.

On Aug. 16, the owner of a Hametown Road campground reported a tenant caused an explosion by burning a container of propane. The tenant’s camping permitwas revoked.

Police investigated reports of property damage on Hillcrest Road Aug. 18, when a resident reported someone broke down a split-rail fence on his property and placed the rails across the road. He said other residents experienced property damage around the same time.

Officers investigated a report of a suspicious person at a Barber Road trucking company Aug. 18 and found a man who admitted he used a penknife to slash a tire on a vehicle belonging to a Barberton man who he said harmed his sister. The victim said he was engaged in a verbal altercation with the sister of the man. Police charged the man with criminal damaging and criminal trespassing and released him with a court summons.

A Grant Street man reported Aug. 18 an unknown person attempted to steal his Honda four-wheeler from his property the previous night. He found the vehicle in his neighbor’s yard in the morning.

On Aug. 19, police and officers from the U.S. Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested a Rush Road man for violation of house arrest. He was taken to the Summit County Jail.

On Aug. 20, the owner of a Houston Road business reported someone broke the glass in a door to enter and ransack the office and unplug a computer screen. The owner reported nothing missing at the time.

Police arrested a Wadsworth man for inducing panic Aug. 2 after he entered three school buses occuped by children outside Cornerstone Elementary School. He was asked to leave the property by the bus drivers, but he continued to enter the school buses and police found him walking to a nearby restaurant.

RICHFIELD: On Aug. 8, a Rainbow Acres woman reported she received two calls from a person who claimed to represent the IRS and told her if she did not make an immediate payment, a warrant would be issued for her arrest. She did not make any payment and instead made a police report.

Police on Brecksville Road Aug. 9 stopped a man for driving under suspension and arrested him for carrying a concealed weapon after a tow inventory revealed a carbon dioxide pistol concealed in an expandable baton. He was taken to the Richfield Jail and released on bond.

Police responded to a road rage incident on Wheatley Road Aug. 9 and stopped a driver after a man and his son reported he brandished a gun when the two exchanged words at a stoplight on Brecksville Road. Officers confiscated the weapon, and charges of aggravated menacing were authorized, but the victim declined to prosecute and officers had to return the weapon. Both drivers left the scene.

A Stubbins Road woman reported Aug. 11 she received a bill from the State of California for unpaid taxes, even though she never lived or worked in the state. She learned a man used her Social Security number to file his state income tax.

On Aug. 14, police were reviewing video surveillance footage of a location on Shetland Trail to identify a white male and female who entered vehicles outside two residences around 4:20 a.m., stole a wallet from one and used the victim’s credit cards at a Fairlawn store for a $315 purchase and at a gas station. The two entered two vehicles outside the other residence and stole a wallet containing $500 cash and credit cards from one vehicle.

Police responded to reports of an erratic driver in a vehicle with no headlights on Interstate 77 at 1 a.m. Aug. 17 and observed a driver swerve across lane lines several times. The driver exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication, admitted drinking before driving and failed field sobriety tests. He was charged with DUI and released on $400 bond. His BAC tested .177.

A woman reported Aug. 17 a friend was caring for her dog at a High Street residence when a neighbor’s dog went through a fence to the friend’s property, entered the house and began fighting with her dog. Her friend separated the dogs and called the owners to pick up their dog at the house. Police spoke to the owner of the dog that entered the house and advised him the dog must be confined on his property and the county animal warden would be in touch.

The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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