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9/4/2014 - West Side Leader
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By Staff Writer

WEST AKRON: Burglaries were reported at the following locations: the 100 block of Oakdale Avenue Aug. 25; the 1100 block of Cordova Avenue Aug. 26; the 1100 block of Peerless Avenue Aug. 26; the 600 block of Auldfarm Road Aug. 28; the 1100 block of Cordova Avenue Aug. 28; the 600 block of Payne Avenue Aug. 28; the 300 block of South Rose Boulevard Aug. 28; the 500 block of Treeside Drive Aug. 28; the 400 block of Hickory Street Aug. 29; the 700 block of Frederick Boulevard Aug. 31; and the 100 block of Gilpin Road Aug. 31.

A 41-year-old East Market Street man was charged with criminal trespassing Aug. 27 after refusing to leave a convenience store in the 400 block of West Market Street. Officers responded to a report of a panhandler refusing to leave the property and located the man, who already had a warrant on file for criminal trespassing, according to the police report. He had been banned previously from the property multiple times, officers noted. He was transported to the Summit County Jail.

The same day, a Keep Akron Beautiful employee reported a man had been seen stealing flowers from flowerbeds at a park in the 300 block of West Market Street. The 42-year-old Winton Avenue man, who had reportedly replanted the flowers at his girlfriend’s house, was charged with theft.

A 52-year-old Ritchie Avenue woman was charged with possession of heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of drug instruments and possession of drug paraphernalia Aug. 28 after her boyfriend called police to report she stole his tobacco and rolling papers. Responding officers went to Copley and Diagonal roads, where the woman admitted she was in possession of illegal items and handed officers a crack pipe and syringes. Officers also found heroin in her wallet and cocaine in her shoe, according to the police report.

A 37-year-old Noble Avenue man was charged with possession of crack, possession of Vicodin, possession of marijuana and obstructing official business Aug. 29. He was the front seat passenger in a vehicle stopped for a traffic violation in East Akron and was apprehended after a brief foot chase. The man had 2 grams of crack, 2.2 grams of marijuana and 10 Vicodin pills in his possession, according to officers.

A 24-year-old West Bath Road man was charged with drug abuse Aug. 29 after causing a South Akron traffic accident. Officer found heroin under the driver’s seat, they reported.

A 43-year-old Roslyn Avenue man was charged with receiving stolen property Aug. 30 after he was pulled over at Vernon Odom and Frederick boulevards while driving a car that had been reported stolen.

On Sept. 2, officers located a vehicle whose license plate was on a list of stolen vehicles and attempted a traffic stop at Oakdale Avenue and Crosby Street. The vehicle had been stolen from the 400 block of Hickory Street Aug. 29, according to the police report. Once officers turned on their lights and sirens, the driver sped up and ended up losing control, crashing into a telephone pole at Oakdale and Crestwood avenues. The driver, an 18-year-old East Akron man, then fled on foot until he was apprehended by an officer. He was charged with receiving stolen property, willful fleeing, resisting arrest and obstructing official business and was transported to the Summit County Jail.

BATH: On Aug. 13, police reviewed video footage at a North Cleveland-Massillon Road gas station to identify the person who made an unauthorized transaction using a debit card belonging to a man who reported it lost that day.

Police shot and killed a fawn injured by a vehicle on North Revere Road Aug. 14.

Officers were called to a disturbance involving a male and female at a North Revere Road residence Aug. 14. Neither reported being injured, and the male was advised to leave the property and not return.

A Granger Road woman reported Aug. 15 someone used her credit card for unauthorized purchases in Florida.

A contactor reported an aluminum brake was stolen from a construction site on Dremina Rock Road Aug. 15.

Police investigated an Aug. 15 report of looting and criminal damaging at a Barrett Road house that was severely damaged in a structure fire. The victim reported two laptop computers were stolen from a bedroom and the basement of the residence was spray-painted.

On the evening of Aug. 16, police responded to a report that a driver had passed out behind the steering wheel of a running vehicle outside a Montrose grocery store. Officer located the vehicle, found an open bottle of wine on the front seat and observed signs that the driver was intoxicated. She failed a field sobriety test and was arrested for having physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated and having an open bottle of wine in a vehicle. Officers released her with a court summons and drove her home.

Police and EMS responded to a medical emergency in a vehicle that had pulled off the road on Interstate 77 at 3 a.m. Aug. 17. An unconscious female passenger was transferred into an ambulance, where she woke and became combative. EMS and police attempted to restrain her to allow a medical evaluation. Her relatives came to the door of the ambulance and began cursing and yelling at first responders, and they were told to get back into their vehicles. The woman refused hospital transport and left with her relatives.

On Aug. 18, officers investigated criminal damaging and theft outside two Everett Road residences where someone smashed the rear windows of vehicles and stole purses.

Police reviewed video surveillance footage from a Montrose vision store and a nearby beauty supply store Aug. 21 to identify a black woman wearing pink scrubs when she stole four eyeglass frames from the first business and two capes from the second.

A driver stopped for traveling 63 mph in a 40-mph zone of Yellow Creek Road Aug. 22 was charged with speeding and underage possession of alcohol after police found beer in the vehicle. Neither the driver nor a passenger would admit ownership of the beer, so both were charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Police investigated a report of identity theft at a Rock Creek Road residence Aug. 22, when a man reported an unknown person obtained his personal information and used it to set up a paycheck loan for $2,655. The funds were to come out of the victim’s checking account, but the transaction was blocked when the victim received a call to verify the loan.

Someone threw eggs at a Valley Wood Drive residence between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Aug. 23.

Officers patrolling a neighborhood around Valley Wood Drive at 3:30 a.m. Aug. 23 heard the sound of fireworks and located a man who was discharging them. Police arrested him for discharging fireworks and confiscated two cases of bottle rockets. He was released with a court summons.

At 3:45 a.m. Aug. 23, police were called to a North Cleveland-Massillon Road motel where a young child was crying and looking for his mother outside the building. The child had been left alone in his mother’s motel room, and officers located her in another room of the motel. Criminal charges for child endangering were pending completion of an investigation.

COPLEY: A man found sleeping in a vehicle at the gas pumps of a Copley Road station Aug. 14 was arrested for having an open container of liquor in a vehicle and released with a court summons.

On Aug. 14, a man reported his daughter drove his vehicle to work at a Rothrock Road restaurant Aug. 4. When she passed a road crew, his vehicle was accidentally sprayed with white paint, causing extensive damage to the vehicle.

Police patrolling Copley Circle Aug. 15 attempted to stop a driver who ran a red light, but he continued driving on Copley Road until he reached the intersection of Jacoby Road. He was charged with a traffic violation and failure to comply with police orders.

A driver on Ridgewood Road Aug. 15 was transported to the hospital for a medical condition. His vehicle, which had been left in the Copley High School parking lot, was towed Aug. 18 when police were unable to contact a family member to remove it.

An Oak Tree Drive man reported a 22-foot $230 ladder was stolen from the back of a pickup truck outside his residence Aug. 16.

At 4:44 a.m. Aug. 19, police responded to a state Route 21 location where Norton officers had stopped a driver for lane violations. Copley police arrested her for DUI and released her with a court summons.

Police went to a Jacoby Road residence Aug. 19, arrested a man on a warrant for domestic violence and released him to the Akron Police Department.

A Magdalyn Drive woman reported Aug. 20 someone attempted to pry open the door of a vehicle outside her residence the previous night.

The manager of a Montrose West Avenue hotel requested police assistance in removing a disruptive couple from a room Aug. 20. The female told police she was having a medical procedure later that day, and the male said he drove her there on his motorcycle, but did not have an operator’s license, so he had to wait until someone could come and drive it back. The two agreed to stop their disorderly behavior, and the female declined medical attention.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance at an Oak Tree Drive residence Aug. 23 and found a man walking along the road who had argued with his father. Following an investigation, police determined the man had allegedly threatened to burn down the house with his parents inside. He was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the Summit County Jail.

A woman reported Aug. 23 she had a dispute with her husband, who was pursuing her in a vehicle at Copley Circle. She said he had a firearm in the vehicle. Officers stopped both cars, arrested the male for domestic violence and took him to the Summit County Jail. No firearm was located in his vehicle.

FAIRLAWN: A Norton woman reported Aug. 23 her $400 cell phone was stolen while she shopped at a West Market Street shopping club store.

On Aug. 22, mall security officers called police about an Akron man who had been banned from the mall but was found on the premises. Police arrived to arrest him for criminal trespassing and released him with a court summons.

Following a report that a woman left a Shiawassee Avenue hair salon without paying a $40 tab Aug. 22, police stopped her vehicle, charged her with theft and released her with a court summons.

A Medina man was arrested for theft and released with a court summons Aug. 24 after he reportedly concealed two pairs of shorts and a shirt under his clothing and attempted to leave a mall department store without paying. When confronted, he surrendered the merchandise, which was returned to the store. He was banned from the store for three years.

A Kenridge Road woman reported Aug. 25 two high-back chairs were stolen from her property between Aug. 16 and 21.

On Aug. 25, police reviewed video surveillance footage in an attempt to identify a male and female in connection with felony theft of designer eyeglass frames worth $1,250 from a mall vision care store. An employee reported the female concealed five frames and went to the counter to pay for two of them. She handed the two frames to the employee and said her husband was outside in a vehicle and that he would bring her a credit card for the payment. She backed up to the door and fled with the other three frames, got into a vehicle driven by the male and fled. Officers were working to identify the vehicle owner. Employees recognized the female from previous theft incidents.

On Aug. 25, police were seeking a man who obtained a Social Security number of a disabled woman and used it to file a joint tax return.

An employee of an Embassy Parkway financial office reported Aug. 26 he received a voicemail message from a client who threatened to hunt him down and kill him. The client is reportedly homeless and his last known address is in Florida.

Police investigated a break-in at a West Market Street title agency the morning of Aug.  26. The owner said he arrived to find his office had been entered the previous night and two tower computers and a computer monitor were stolen. Officers determined the facility was entered after someone pried open a window and confiscated a portion of a latex glove found in a common hallway of the building. They also discovered another office had been entered and interviewed the lessee, who said a tower computer and monitor had been stolen, a drawer containing business checks had been opened and an attempt was made to open a locked file cabinet.

NORTON: An Akron woman stopped for lane violations on Barber Road Aug. 22 failed a field sobriety test. She was charged with DUI and driving under suspension and released on bond. Her BAC tested .155.

A Barberton woman arrested for shoplifting at a Greenwich Road grocery store Aug. 22 was charged with theft and released to the Barberton Police Department on a warrant.

Around 1 a.m. Aug. 23, police observed a man wearing black clothing riding a bicycle with no lights on Greenwich Road. He appeared to be disoriented and told police he was riding his bike home to Wooster. He failed field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI and released on bond.

The owner of an Eastern Road business reported Aug. 23 a $700 welder was stolen by someone who entered the business through an unlocked side door.

Police on Rockcut Road the night of Aug. 23 observed a vehicle in a ditch and determined the driver was intoxicated. He failed a field sobriety test and his BAC tested .196. He was arrested for DUI and released on bond.

Officers are seeking the owner of a brown Labrador retriever that entered a yard on Wayne Street Aug. 24 and attacked a Jack Russell terrier while the dog’s owner was playing with it. The terrier was severely injured.

A Hartzell Drive man reported Aug. 25 someone used his Social Security number to open a utility account in his name without his permission.

A Holiday Drive woman reported Aug. 25 her estranged husband, who had been arrested by Wadsworth police Aug. 13 for violating a protection order prohibiting him from contacting her, was at her house and fled when she saw him. Police were investigating.

Police responded to a disturbance at a Summit Road residence Aug. 25. A man reported his ex-girlfriend showed up and assaulted a woman who was at the residence. The man denied assaulting the woman and all parties declined charges.

A Houston Road man reported Aug. 26 someone stole two trail cameras from his property the previous night and he found a hatchet in a tire of his boat trailer.

PENINSULA: On July 5, a Peninsula Police officer was dispatched to a Whaley Road location in reference to an ongoing telecommunications complaint. Upon arrival, the officer met with the complaintant, who stated his ex-girlfriend had been calling, sending text messages and using social media to harass him since their breakup. The man said he has made it clear to the woman she needed to stop contacting him.

An officer responded to an incident at Boston Cemetery July 6. Upon arrival, a woman told the officer she had been in a verbal altercation with a man in a blue vehicle who had pulled onto a gravesite at the cemetery. The woman said she asked the man to pull his car off of the grave area and the man tried to drive away, but was unable to go forward as her car was in the roadway. She said the man pulled onto the grass and turned around and drove away. The woman stated that during the altercation, she stood in front of the man’s car so he wouldn’t drive onto the grave area, but the man kept edging his car forward pushing her out of the way. The officer was able to make contact with the man in question, who stated he went to the cemetery to show friends from out of town the gravesite of a family member. The man said he had pulled just to the left of the road on the grass, but not on a grave. He said a woman came over to his car and started yelling that he was on a grave, so he tried to move his car, but the woman jumped in front of his car and started pounding on his hood and screaming. The man said he was able to drive forward but had to turn around to leave as a car was blocking the road. The man said he tried to call the police to report the incident, but he could not get a signal on his cell phone, so he drove to the Sagamore Hills Police Department since he lives in that community, and then called the Peninsula Police Department regarding the incident.

On July 10, an officer responded to a phone scam incident related to a man who had received a phone call from a person claiming to be an IRS agent named James Franklin. The man said the caller told him there were three federal warrants out for his arrest because of back taxes, and he would be arrested if he didn’t pay $2,500. While the officer was at the residence, “James Franklin” called back. The officer spoke to the caller, who would only say he was an IRS agent. When advised by the officer that his phone number would be checked, the person hung up. The officer tried to call the number back, but it went to a fax line. No further police action was taken.

While running stationary traffic enforcement on Riverview Road July 16, an officer observed a blue station wagon traveling at a high rate of speed. After confirming a speed of 40 mph in a 25-mph zone, the officer pulled over the vehicle and advised the driver of the violations. The driver was under a medical suspension, and he told the officer he was diabetic, adding the Hudson Police Department had stopped him for an animal welfare complaint and advised him to get it handled, which he was doing. The officer — who issued citations for speeding, driving under suspension and failure to signal a turn — assisted by completing a tow report. A tow truck took possession of the man’s car, and his three dogs were picked up.

On July 18, two officers responded to a custody dispute at a Keenan Road address, where a man and a woman were in disagreement over visitation of their children. It was determined that no visit would take place at that time and if the man and woman could not resolve their differences themselves, they would need to address the issue in a domestic relations court. An officer stood by until the woman was picked up.

Two officers received a radio assignment in reference to an alarm drop at a Hines Hill Road location July 21. The officers observed a black Pontiac in the driveway and a female and male in the middle of the front yard walking in the direction of the house. One officer approached both subjects to ask what they were doing, and the man and woman stated they had noticed the front door open while driving down the road and went to check it out. The officers checked out the interior and found nothing to be out of place. An officer was able to contact a resident of the location to explain the situation, but the resident said she did not wish to sign trespass charges against the two people.

On July 24, an officer spoke to a caller who said sometime during the night, someone entered his home through his open unlocked front door while he and his girlfriend were sleeping in the living room. The man said a check was taken from his checkbook that already had been signed but had no amount on it, and a gun was taken from a cabinet in the bedroom closet. The man said he contacted his bank when he found out the check was missing and was told a man had cashed the check in the amount of $9,000. The man said he advised the bank the check had been stolen and placed a hold on the cashed check. He further stated he would be going to the bank to file a report with the bank’s fraud department and to see whether he could get a photo of the person who cashed his check. The man said he would advise the police department when he had further information.

An officer responded to a reported truck in a ditch on Interstate 271 July 25. The driver said a tractor trailer had run him off the road and then stopped to help him. After the officer noticed an odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath, he asked if the driver had been drinking. The driver said had “a couple” of drinks and the officer gave a series of field tests. The driver failed the tests and was placed under arrest for OVI and taken to the Richfield Police Department for testing, where he blew a test of 0.113 and was returned to the Peninsula Police Department for booking. The driver was given a $500 bond and placed in a cab to his hotel, and his vehicle was removed by a tow truck. A crash report was completed due to the damage on the vehicle, but the officer found nothing to validate the driver’s story about a tractor trailer.

On July 26, an officer was dispatched to a Truxell Road business where he met with a man who stated that a former employee, who had been fired approximately 12 days previously and told not to return to the property, had arrived and was refusing to leave. The officer made contact with the former employee and advised him to leave the property and not return or else he would be arrested for criminal trespass. The former employee complied and left the property. No further police action was taken.

RICHFIELD: A Hawthorne Drive man reported Aug. 16 a handgun was stolen from the glove box of his unlocked vehicle.

On Aug. 18, police went to a Wheatley Road gas station to meet with an Akron woman who said her credit cards had been stolen and she received a notice from the creditor that the card had been used at the gas station at 5 a.m. that day. Officers obtained security video footage from the station, and they took a man’s wallet found in the trash can at the station.

Police were called to a St. Nicholas Drive residence Aug. 18 by a woman who reported her son punched a hole in the wall during an argument. Officers discussed his behavior with him and no charges were filed.

At 2 a.m. Aug. 18, police were called for a domestic disturbance at a Donna Drive residence. A man and woman had been involved in a verbal confrontation, but no injuries were found on either and both declined to make a statement. They both agreed to stay in separate rooms for the night and were advised that if police had to return to the residence, there would be an arrest.

A man reported Aug. 18 a license plate was stolen from his business vehicle while he stayed at a Brecksville Road motel the previous night.

At 5:47 a.m. Aug. 18, police patrolling Boston Mills Road observed a large amount of smoke and discovered the township service building was fully engulfed in flames. Officers checked to see if there was anyone inside the building, and after several small explosions occurred, they retreated from the flames to the shelter of a concrete salt storage unit. Firefighters extinguished the blaze, which caused extensive damage to the building and road service vehicles. The cause of the fire is under investigation. [For more on that, see “Fire in Richfield destroys building, equipment” in the Aug. 28, 2014, West Side Leader or visit the archives at www.akron.com.]

A Hawthorne Drive man reported Aug. 21 someone entered his vehicle the previous night, moved several items and stole an envelope containing money. He told police that several days before the incident, he found personal documents concerning driving privileges in the vehicle, but because he didn’t know the person named in the documents, he threw them in the trash.

On Aug. 21, police investigated the theft of road signs from the intersections of Appleridge and Broadview roads and Humphrey and Brush roads.

A Sawbridge Drive man reported Aug. 22 his boat was missing from his driveway.

A driver who made a left turn from Brecksville to Streetsboro road, cutting off a police officer in a cruiser Aug. 23, was stopped. He admitted he had been drinking and had just turned 18. He failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and having a BAC of .121. Three juvenile passengers also were charged with underage drinking and released to their parents, and an adult female was charged with underage drinking and released on bond. The driver was released on bond, the vehicle was towed and police confiscated numerous bottles of alcohol from it.

A Galloway Drive woman reported Aug. 23 cash and credit cards were stolen from her locked vehicle the previous night. By the time she reported the cards stolen, one of them had been used at two locations in Cuyahoga County.

A Southern Road woman reported Aug. 23 she returned from vacation to find that someone had used her identity to open numerous credit accounts and make unauthorized purchases totaling more than $10,000 on the new accounts and her existing credit accounts.

Police patrolling Broadview Road and Emerald Boulevard Aug. 24 stopped an erratic driver who was traveling 60 mph in a 30-mph zone. He admitted he had a few drinks before driving, failed a field sobriety test and was charged with DUI and having an elevated blood alcohol content. He was released on $404 bond.


The Akron police reports were compiled by Ariel Hakim, and the Peninsula reports were compiled by Sean Patrick. The remainder were compiled by Maggie DeMellier.

Editor’s note: The police reports provided here are a sampling of those filed with each community’s police departments. For questions related to the reports we’ve included or others we have not, call the West Side Leader at 330-665-9595. To provide information on an alleged criminal act noted in this week’s report, call the local police department.

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