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Reader responds to letter on Obama policies

9/27/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor: 

Is that his real name? Bill Fairweather’s letter last week [“Bath resident questions Obama’s policy direction,” West Side Leader, Sept. 20, 2012] demands some answer. His myopic invective is completely misplaced and is more than mildly depressing. We don’t need that.

First of all, [Fairweather’s] misrepresentation of fact is deplorable. The economy is recovering. Housing is inching back. Unemployment is coming back hesitantly, even some manufacturing. But [Fairweather] is convinced that we are in full crisis, steered by a faulty presidential compass. And we are helpless because the public is being hoodwinked by a malevolent administration bent on rewarding its “East Bunny” constituency.

Actually, we are recovering as well as any reasonable person could expect from the serious financial disaster brought to this country four years ago by an under-regulated and unscrupulous financial industry, capping off a longer period of middle class decline, baleful neglect of education and infrastructure and mounting debts created by unjustified war and constantly rising health care cost.

Who is responsible? [Fairweather] lays it all on the President [Barack Obama]. Not a Congressional majority that has refused to do its duty to come to the aid of a country facing crisis, less it reflect well on the president [Fairweather] hates. Not a Senate majority that has petrified that body by filibuster after filibuster to the same purpose. Congress has frittered its time in a hopeless, retrograde crusade against women’s health that cynically exploits religious beliefs, a feverish state level campaign to permanently install itself in government by restraining voting rights, and zealot grade pandering to the misguided wealthy.

We’ll be all right. Americans are hard working and resourceful. There is just too little demand to drive employment. Plenty of capital and very low borrowing costs. Demand is all the “job creators” are waiting for. Meanwhile, most of them are doing very well. Too many of them, like [Fairweather], are way too fearful. And it’s time to recognize that middle class families are just too strapped.

Now, as the economy is getting better, [Fairweather] wants to turn the presidency, the House and Senate, and ultimately, the Supreme Court over to those most responsible for our current struggles. Are you sure about that? Your admonishment to “vote wisely, America,” coming at the end of a vitriolic rant, leaves a truly hollow ring.

John Welch, Fairlawn

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