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Shop with care, says Copley resident

9/27/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

With another season of formal dress wear upon us for the high school dances, Homecoming, Winter Formal and the grand finale, Prom, I feel the need to share the frustrating story I had with a well-known dress store in the area.

Maybe this is something as a buyer you do not mind, but I did. You go to their store during dance season looking for the perfect dress, you are packed in like a sardine, cattle being herded to slaughter, and you buy into the whole Cinderella story and purchase everything they offer from dress down to the shoes along with the jewelry. Quite the setup they have there, one-stop shopping! What you may not be aware of is, when you sign the paperwork acknowledging their policy of no returns, no exchanges and no refunds, they mean it. Defective items or not, they do not care! Dresses are one thing, as they are special order and higher priced. But all the accessories that are a dime a dozen and cheap because they are no doubt imported should be another issue.

Case in point, I bought into their grand plan, and when the big event came, the shoes we purchased were only worn about an hour because there was a problem with one of the heels and my daughter could not walk in them. Thinking that was a different scenario than oh, she just didn’t like them or they hurt her feet, there shouldn’t be a problem getting them exchanged. Wrong! This store fought tooth and nail to hold on to that policy. And while they relented and gave me a credit (not a full credit) back on the shoes, at the end of the day I am still left with a product that can never be worn again because there is a defect and I’m out the money (minus the credit) I paid them with.

Before you decide to buy into the whole nine yards at this type of store, make sure you look everything over from head to toe with a good magnifying glass. If you purchase shoes, wear them around the store for a while before you leave. No refunds, no returns, no exchanges equals no accountability for the retailer. Quite the philosophy of doing business. Sure cuts down on profit losses, wouldn’t you agree?

Melanie Horning, Copley

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