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Writer responds to rebuttal

10/4/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I would like to first thank John Welch [“Reader responds to letter on Obama policies,” West Side Leader, Sept. 20, 2012] for so poignantly reinforcing my very point that wishful romantics prefer believing in the Easter Bunny. Reading his letter, the image of someone standing before the Leader’s readership in a full-body bunny costume, holding in one hand a tube of pig-beautifying lipstick while in the other, a jar of the Obama campaign Kool-Aid intoxicant from which the bunny’s clearly been imbibing, all at once became illuminative.

For clarity sake, while I unapologetically take vehement exception to the overarching, neo-socialist agenda Obama and his ilk are trying to impose upon this country, Mr. Welch’s own invective, claiming “[Fairweather] hates our president,” is a bridge too far ... way too far ... warranting an apology.

It may come as a surprise to the man in the bunny outfit that Fairweather is a nonaffiliated Independent. A surviving veteran of the political wars throughout a 33-year CIA career in the trenches of the intelligence community in our nation’s capitol, I long ago ceased accepting the political spin pols both sides of the aisle habitually sling. I happen to harbor equal contempt for both parties in both Chambers of Congress for the abominable death grip-like gridlock in which they’re holding this country so irresponsibly and recklessly hostage.

What I am is a pragmatist who experientially views matters of genuine consequence unbiasedly in real world terms vs. through a prism of wishful thinking. Sorry Mr. Welch, but reality can be, and in this case is, more than mildly depressing. Your crying that “we don’t need that” is to create a purely fantasized, less depressing case of falsely illusionary happy feet. We are in crisis and that is precisely what’s not needed.

While we’re at it, I don’t believe the American people find it merely vitriolic rant to impart an absolutely intended invective admonishing yet another disastrous policy: Obama’s Middle East policy of appeasement and abandonment. Deeply flawed and feckless, its abject weakness is certainly not lost on Israel nor others of our strategically important Arab allies ... especially given our first, utterly obsequious response to being premeditatedly attacked by Islamic terrorists recently. Pandering to the Islamo-fascists with an outrageous apology to the Muslim world was our first response in the face of American sovereign territory being attacked in both Benghazi and Cairo; of a U.S. ambassador being assassinated; and of three other courageous Americans slaughtered serving their country and this president.

Such a demonstrated lack of backbone in that dangerous neighborhood sends absolutely the wrong message from the world’s one remaining super power. Adding insult to injury, the Obama Administration then insultingly tried to publicly dumb things down by lying to the American people in order to cover up the truth of it actually being, God forbid, a terrorist attack on Obama’s watch! To even debate the point is to exercise intellectual dishonesty. Certainly such a disgraceful and distrustful performance by this president does nothing to invoke much trust or confidence going forward with his “Easter Bunny” vista that his White House marionette masters continue to stir into their jar of campaign Kool-Aid.

Mr. Welch, really ... talk about something which “leaves a truly hollow ring!”

Bill Fairweather, West Akron

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