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Reader asks for more respect for cemeteries

10/11/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’m writing in response to the short article in the entertainment section of the West Side Leader’s Sept. 20, 2012, issue. The article boasted pictures and a short recap of a “cool site” for a family movie night held at Glendale Cemetery earlier in the month. Although I am not certain of all the details surrounding this event, I got the impression that this gathering was planned solely for a neighborhood outing. Maybe this does not strike anyone else as wrong or appalling, but my family and I were quite taken aback by this event. To host a get-together at a cemetery for an event other than a burial, a memorial or a fundraiser for families unable to bury their dead, etc., is completely disrespectful.

This past weekend, we tragically watched as some friends had to bury their sweet newborn boy. For years and years to come, they will visit that lovely baby’s gravesite and place flowers and offer prayers and cry buckets of tears. How would they feel if they passed by a gathering where families were munching on snacks and lounging in front of a big screen movie near the plot of their beloved baby boy? 

The bodily resting places of those having passed on should be kept sacred.

Jody Nichols, Copley

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