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Resident urges ‘no’ vote on extending Akron Council ward seat terms

10/11/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Issue No. 3 for the city of Akron is supposed to save money by having the Ward Council seats up for election every four years instead of every two years. Eventually, all Council and the mayor would be elected at the same time. While this might save a small amount of money, more money could be saved by reducing the number of Council seats when the redistricting takes place.

There is a reason Congress, state representatives and Akron City Ward Council persons are now elected every two years: accountability to their constituents. Every other year they must go before the people they represent and ask to be returned to serve again. The citizens can then decide if the people asking for their votes have fulfilled the promises made in the previous election, whether they have truly served the citizens or have just gone along to get along.

Given the almost impossible task of removing a corrupt, incompetent or unresponsive councilperson in Akron, as there is now a very short time for citizens to petition, it is not a good idea to lengthen the terms to four years. Waiting two years to remove a bad councilperson is long enough.

I urge Akron voters to keep Council accountable and vote no on Issue No. 3.

Vicki Armstrong, West Akron

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