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Bath resident dislikes digital billboards

10/18/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The potential increase in digital billboards is a threat to our larger community. As a resident of Bath, Akron is my city. When I travel, that’s where I tell people I am from. Akron is the leader for the greater community and sets a standard for surrounding communities. The idea that others come to Akron and see a bunch of billboards in bright lights with changing ads every few seconds is not an image to be proud of.

In addition, I cringe when I see the existing digital billboards and do not want to see more added. They are a scourge on the city by detracting from natural beauty, our old and new roadside plantings, the upgrading of old buildings and the exciting new buildings. They undo much of the ongoing efforts to beautify our city, Akron.

The energy used to power these digital billboards is setting yet another bad example. At a time when most are trying to conserve energy use, these billboards are a huge contradiction.

I hope that the city of Akron will reconsider the addition of more billboards, particularly the digital ones. They are a step backwards and an embarrassment to a forward-thinking community.

Sue Klein, Bath

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