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Green Civil Service Commission supports Issue No. 15

10/18/2012 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As city of Green Civil Service commissioners, we support Issue No. 15 and encourage you to vote yes on Nov. 6. This support of Issue No. 15 amending the city of Green City Charter is based on the following reasons.  

Civil Service was established to eliminate bias, provide equal employment opportunity, and provide a merit system for appointments and promotions without regard to political patronage. This is accomplished through a competitive testing process, and the Green Civil Service Commission has consistently tested candidates for classified positions using independent testing consultants. All classified jobs are advertised and posted, and all Civil Service Commission meetings and minutes are open to the public, including any rule changes, which are subject to City Council approval. City of Green Civil Service commissioners serve six-year staggered terms and are not elected officers of the city: One member is appointed by the mayor, one member by City Council and one member by the Green Local [Schools] Board of Education.

Whether Issue No. 15 passes or not, this competitive testing process will remain. What will change if Issue No. 15 fails is the city of Green’s ability to adopt rules that differ from state law. This affects examinations, appointments and promotions, including the number of candidates considered, bonus points for residency and previous service with the city, and credit for military service. For example, for promotions in the Fire Department, the city will forfeit its ability to select the most qualified candidate and be forced to promote the candidate ranked No. 1 on the eligibility list. This practice of certifying the “rule of one” for promotions in the Fire Department does not allow consideration of other qualifications like experience, education and training, and an individual who may be good at taking tests may not be the best individual for the job. 

When Green became a city in 1992, the intention was to be self-governing. Adopting Issue No. 15 will re-establish the city of Green’s ability to adopt its own Civil Service Rules and Regulations. 

For these reasons, we, the members of the city of Green Civil Service Commission, support passage of Issue No. 15 and encourage you to join us in voting yes on Nov. 6.

Kimberly Baer, Gerald Alessia and Vivianne Duffrin, members, Green Civil Service Commission

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