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Reader urges voters to be thoughtful with choice

10/18/2012 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As a voter, one must consider what is best for our country as both political parties claim the quality of our nation depends upon whom we vote for and the policies they endorse.

Some claim that the less government we have, the better for all of us. But government is not necessarily bad. A compassionate citizen believes in conserving the health of our countrymen and women, our water resources and air quality. Also, it requires safeguarding our food supply, our lives at home and elsewhere. Our workers need job protection from “coolie wages” within and beyond our borders. Our fishing industry needs regulation so that it does not over-fish salmon, tuna and cod, to name a few. This requires regulation by the United States and the United Nations. Even some Republicans feel that Wall Street bankers need oversight to prevent their gambling with other people’s money for their own personal gain.

The outcome of our Nov. 6 elections will influence the quality and fiber of our nation. Will we have more freedom from our corporations to be rid of regulations that they don’t want? The insurance corporate industry wants to take over Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Never mind that their premiums would cover the cost of CEOs making far more than the $400,000 per year paid our president.

The fabric of our nation depends on quality education in public schools, universities and libraries. This election may determine whether we might lure back some of these teachers, librarians, nurses, police and firemen who have been curtailed, especially in Ohio and some other states. These are some of the people that certain politicians consider big government. The same legislators promote spending as much on our armed forces as do all the other countries combined when we do not have any powerful enemy nation. The money saved could be spent on beneficial programs that were cut federally and statewise.

Big oil and coal industry leaders can no longer convince us that there is no global warming, but they still claim that it is not largely made by burning fossil fuels. This is despite the fact that virtually all scientists not on their payrolls confirm that global warming is largely man-made. Too many Congress people are paid off by these fossil [fuel] people.

We need to elect candidates who will not be beholden to corporate pressures and who would not be afraid to tax those who could easily afford it to permit adequate services for the benefit of all citizens.

Paul Baker, New Franklin

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