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Resident supports Renacci as U.S. District 16 rep

10/18/2012 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The Portage lakes Advisory Council Candidates’ Night held Oct. 8 in the city of New Franklin was exceptionally well handled. The candidates were well prepared and highly educated for the offices they were seeking. The president of the Portage Lakes Advisory Council, Kelly Pariso, and his officers did a very efficient job of running the whole evening as every candidate had a chance to present his/her qualifications and views in the time allotted.

I would especially like to mention that U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci [R-District 16] came to this south Summit event and showed that he cared about this corner of Summit County. We have often been overlooked in the big picture of politics. Mr. Renacci is presently the representative of the newly minted 16th District of Ohio. Apparently his opponent didn’t find the time to be here or send a representative to speak for her. That speaks for itself.

The city of New Franklin needs a representative who will be responsive to the needs of this area. His presence showed he felt we were important enough for him to be here to address us. He spoke about his humble beginnings in Pennsylvania and how he came to Wadsworth to take a job that led him to establish his first business and learned how to work hard and make his own money.

Jim Renacci is not the son of the isolated rich that his opponent touts him to be. He was clear and decisive about what he plans to do in creating well-paying jobs for Ohioans. His background in business and in public office has been honorable.

Jim Renacci used his knowledge, creativity and experience to take the risks necessary to be successful in business. So many people have lost their jobs, homes and self-esteem due to the devastation of this economy. He certainly deserves a second look by the undecided voters in our community.

Frances Kalapodis, New Franklin

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