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Motorist asking for South Main Street improvements

11/8/2012 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I read in the South Side News Leader about a project on Canton Road being put on hold. The article made me think about South Main Street in Coventry Township and Akron. The section of South Main Street between just north of Portage Lakes Drive and just south of Turkeyfoot Road is in terrible shape and has been for several years. I have contacted both Coventry Township and Summit County officials in the past regarding this, and they have told me that it is being put off because the road is to be widened and new curbs installed, not just paving.

This road carries thousands of cars every day and is a major artery through southern Summit County. In my opinion, this project needed done yesterday. If it is not in the budget to widen, then just repave the 2-1/2-mile section.

Randy Edwards, Green

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