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Resident explains ‘negativity’ in Norton

11/22/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Norton unite? Really? How do we unite when we hear, “Fire levy has to pass — no money.” The fire department is now fully staffed 24/7 due to the Nov. 6 approval of an operating levy. How do you do that, Mr. Mayor? Where did you get the money? The [Summit County] Board of Elections has to validate the election results — that takes 30 days. So where did you get the money? 

How do we unite when we hear that our mayor really does not like the public to speak at meetings? He wouldn’t advocate that issue for the dispatch center meetings when asked by councilperson [Charlotte] Whipkey (at large). And he sure doesn’t want questions from the Council. We all know about the 5-2 votes. Anybody on Council care to answer why you have to always have an emergency vote? And besides the two no voters, do any of the five ever have any objections to the administration’s recommendations? Sure doesn’t look it. I think you forgot that you are elected by the citizens and we expect you to investigate and become knowledgeable about issues before Council. Sometimes you have to ask questions that maybe the administration does not like. That is your job.

How do we unite when Mr. [Don] Nicolard (Ward 2) thinks, “The dispatch center is an example of regionalization, which aims at pooling resources among cities to cut spending.” Yet a few months ago, I asked about regionalization for the fire department and was told that was really no savings for Norton, no sense pursuing that avenue. Yes, Norton unite.

Since I was at the meetings where these proclamations were made, I did not get it from the streets — I got it right from the horses’ mouths. So you see, fellow citizen, I’m sorry you are upset about the negativity in Norton. We are not going to go away. We are going to voice our concerns at these meetings whether the mayor, the administration or members of Council like it or not.  

Patricia Reese, Norton

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