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Hark! A cliff is looming

12/6/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Craig Marks

The line to see Santa
Stretched way past the Gap
As two quarrelsome kids
Commandeered Santa’s lap

They could not reach agreement
On what to request
Both children believing
Their list was the best

They argued and argued
Making false accusations
While Santa’s poor legs
Lost all circulation
“I’ve heard quite enough”
Santa said, of their tiff
“I want you to think of my lap
As a cliff”

“You will reach a consensus
“In five minutes, no more”
“Or be pushed off the cliff
And land on the floor”

Now with a set deadline
And with the cliff looming
They’d get down to business
You might be presuming

But no, they were stubborn
And uncompromising
And Santa was steamed
Which was not too surprising

“The deadline has passed”
“You’ll just never agree”
But the quarrelsome two
Offered one final plea:

“Some folks just need time
To reach understandings”
Santa gave that a thought
And then said, “Happy landings”

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