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Resident concerned with cost of natural gas ‘boom’

12/27/2012 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I guess this natural gas “boom” was a necessary evil that had to happen.

On Columbus TV the other day, they made the point that the thousands of trucks that carry chemicals, pipe, sand, etc., are going to tear up Ohio roads like nothing we have ever seen. The moderators and guests made the point that people do not know what they are getting into — yes, a few people, most likely blissfully ignorant, have sold their mineral rights away, for if you are poor, $100,000 or more is a grand sum, like winning the lottery. It may turn out to be peanuts compared to what the seedy gas hustlers make off them and their land. These are not sophisticated sellers by any means, and may learn in time that “capitalism” chewed them up pretty good.

Kasich has a plan of a 1.5 percent tax on these road-destroying companies. A lot of Ohio legislators think it ought to be 7 percent or more for the destruction to our roads.

A good bet is in the end, Ohio taxpayers are going to be like dupes and suckers that pay for the destruction these companies bring with their sales pitches about “boom” times that benefit only a few people in the entire state. Not to mention the unknown risks to the geology and water sources in the state.

It seems like the sad situation is upon us taxpayers — those million dollar notes that buy the influence and the votes give us the best government money can buy.

John Ambrose, Norton

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