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Retired teacher asks voters to support Coventry district levy

1/17/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

For more than six months Coventry Schools has given you a million and one reasons to vote for Issue No. 1 and put a new high school in our community’s future.  

We have been totally open and laid our needs on the line. Coventry [Schools] Superintendent Rusty Chaboudy has offered tours so residents could see first-hand that our buildings are falling apart. He has shown residents why we must regroup, build a new school and reassign elementary students to buildings that are not in disrepair. All of these improvements can happen for a very small increase in property tax.

Some residents have stood in the way of progress, citing childish, superficial reasons not to support the levy. At every turn they have tried to block Coventry’s chances for a new school.

Think back to your days in school, as well as the days of your children. Voters then stood up to their responsibilities as citizens. They supported their schools. That’s how in the 1950s the community built Turkeyfoot Elementary and the current Coventry Middle School. Those voters weren’t wealthy people. They lived on a budget, many were retired senior citizens, but they had priorities. Those priorities were the children of their community. Voters then didn’t just “talk a good game.” They proved their loyalty with their vote of “yes” for their children as well as those of their township.

Coventry, we need your support on Feb. 5. All of the surrounding communities have structurally sound, well-maintained, adequate faculties. Do our children deserve less? I think not. Our time is now. Give our kids the same chance when you or your children were Coventry students. We need a resounding vote on Feb. 5. 

Patti Freeder, retired Coventry teacher, Uniontown

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