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Taxpayer against proposed bond issue

1/24/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In the last few years, many families have been affected by job losses, downsizing salary cuts and increased costs on almost everything we buy. Retirees have watched their expenses increase while watching their retirement income fail to keep pace. The Coventry Local School District expects us to foot the bill for a new bond issue that will last 34 years and a permanent improvement levy that will last a lifetime. The total price tag for this is 5.99 mills. This issue is on the Feb. 5 [Special Election] ballot, and most people in the district are not even aware of the special election. I know this because I have asked my friends and neighbors in the district.

The most upsetting aspect of these issues is that we are building schools that include open enrollment students, not just residents. When parents and others outside the district try to tell you how to spend your money when they don’t have to make the same financial commitment for the next 34 years and beyond, you wonder if they would be willing to allow you the same influence over their hard-earned money.

Matt Kinsinger, New Franklin

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