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Resident thanks business for memories, cupcakes

2/14/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After learning that Blake’s Café & Cupcakery next to Legend’s was closing, I was really bummed.

When I think of the countless serious and casual meetings over several years with people from all around town, the Friday morning Chamber gatherings for two- and a-half years, or the year my daughter, Rachel, worked there, the good memories really cause me to pause.

If you’re in the Chamber, hang out there regularly, have read their Facebook page, or keep in touch, you may have heard that Friday, [Feb.] 15, will be Blake’s last day of operation. And to think this well-known business in Green was the product of “passion” Marcie and Derek [Williams] have for their son Blake; if you’ve met him, you know he’s a really cool kid. I talked to Derek and learned this was not a decision made at the last minute, in panic, financial distress or without much prayer and evaluation, and no doubt emotion. They have loved the business, the community connections, their landlord, and gave serious consideration to relocating as the lease was coming up. They simply decided to spend more of their free time together, not running a business.

As Mark the Barber would say, “It’s all good.” Derek shared that they have been very blessed, always viewed the Blake’s business as an investment, and wouldn’t have done it any other way. They are happy knowing they go forward with great friends and memories. Amen to that.

Thanks for the memories and some really good cupcakes. You will be missed!

Rick Jacobson, Green

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