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Deficit is two-party problem, says reader

2/21/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

It’s the Democrats who want to define the GOP. They think they know us best. On National Public Radio, I heard how the GOP is the party of the white man. Quoting Sam Tanenhaus, “It’s not simply a question of disparate or diverse racial and ethnic groups the parties (i.e. GOP) have trouble connecting with. It’s also an idea, an approach to governance itself.”

Is that really a surprise? I don’t think it has anything to do with your ethnicity or your diversity. I believe the GOP and Democrats do have a very different view of governance. And that is what defines us.

One party has you believe in a plan of dependence on programs we cannot afford to pay for anymore. The party’s president is playing the same old cards — if we keep asking for “just a little more” from the top, we can keep spending more to fix your problems. It’s like a kid with too many credit cards.

The real problem? A monster deficit and interest payments that are hard to wrap your mind around. Democrats are the party who think that minimum wage was intended to “lift” you out of poverty, and if we raise it, all problems are solved. Forget that your friend cannot be hired or that you can only work 29 hours, so the employer avoids paying your costly heath care plan.

The real threat to our economy and foreign policy is our inability to deal with the deficit. Isn’t that what the GOP campaigned on a few months ago? The GOP wants to make it easier for employers, not harder to hire and increase people’s pay and benefits. Government in charge of health care is akin to closing the post office on Saturday. It is an inefficient bureaucracy and it’s broke. Obamacare [is a] plan that is so bogged down in fine print, and regulations that no one really knows what is going to happen, when it kicks in.

And it’s all of our issue! It’s both parties, it’s the elderly on Medicare, the retiree on Social Security and the kid who needs the free breakfast. These program cuts are not taboo, and must be faced. It’s also the military. We must be strong and help countries in conflict, and respond to natural disasters, but within reason. Our true strength in the world’s eyes will come from how we deal with the debt. This is a two-party issue.

So at risk of the GOP “alienating large segments of the population,” I beg to say these issues are not one of any ethnicity or diversity. They include all.

Kurt Davis, West Akron

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