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West Akron man questions Workers’ Compensation setup

2/28/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I take issue with the [letter to the editor] about workmen’s compensation for the state of Ohio [“Worker’s Compensation working to reduce costs for businesses,” Jan. 31, 2013, issue].

Are there things that employers can and should do to lower costs? Absolutely. However, what about the white elephant in the room? Ohio, following the blazing trail of three other states (Washington, Wyoming and North Dakota), does not allow private companies to sell workmen’s compensation. No competition, inability to manage due to leadership change with elections and a greatly reduced ability to fire employees, limited access to statistical modeling (since the state only counts what they experience rather than multiple states), culminates in yet another good reason to locate businesses outside of Ohio. Forty-six states gave up on writing their own workmen’s compensation insurance because of inefficiencies, costs, poor product with limited pay ability. Look at all Ohio accomplishes with high tax rates, high workmen’s compensation rates and high energy costs. Just imagine what would be possible if we became serious in addressing our outdated shortcomings.

Jim Jeffries, West Akron

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