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Fundraiser for cancer patient exceeds hopes

3/7/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Thank you very much for advertising the spaghetti dinner fundraiser event for Teresa Rose in the South Side News Leader and in the West Side News Leader Feb. 22 under “Area News.”

I also want to thank everyone who helped to make the spaghetti dinner fundraiser even better than I had hoped. Classmates, family and friends, both old and new, donated gifts and supported the spaghetti dinner, resulting in funds for things that Teresa needs in her battle against cancer. I am very grateful to everyone who turned out for the dinner. It was so inspiring to see a full hall!

I’d like to thank everyone who set up, cooked, baked desserts, served, attended or cleaned up after the dinner. Thank you to an anonymous donor who donated pop and water to help raise additional funds. Thank you to the people responsible for the Summit Wesleyan Church hall for a bright, warm, clean, cheerful place to have the dinner. Thank you to the couple who provided party music.

Everyone’s cheerful generosity and presence at the dinner made all of the difference in the world to Teresa and to her friends who organized the dinner.

Many thanks to you and your readers for helping to make our spaghetti dinner fundraiser a success! I’m certain Teresa could feel the love of everyone who came out for her and from those who sent her pictures and texts from the event to let her know that we were all there for her!

Sarah Weber, Green

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