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Resident suggests firing striking union members

3/14/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I have a solution to all teacher or public union strikes. When the contract is up, fire them. They had a contract, and it is expired. In the case of teachers, there are thousands of unemployed teachers out there that would be happy for a job.

Pay them $12 an hour, like the auto companies’ new contract specifies. Give them a 401k to ease the yoke around the taxpayers’ throats. Do not pay teachers to sit around 12 weeks each summer with pay, two weeks each winter and two weeks each spring. Make sure the contract stipulates it is for one year and may or may not be renewed for any reason, or no reason. Eliminate tenure for good.

Until this happens, the gullible taxpayer is a dupe and trained circus animal at the beck and call of a private interest group — the unions. The public is never in on the “negotiations,” and the union is free to operate as a relentless extortion society that holds all the power against weak school boards and the like. What a hideous system.

John Ambrose, Norton

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