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Coventry grandmother voices support for district

3/28/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In response to the gentleman’s letter in the March 15 [2013] issue attacking the Coventry [Local] School system [“Coventry resident urges ‘no’ vote on school levy, bond issue], I feel that as individuals we all look for reasons to justify what we do. Sometimes we are objective and are able to make fair and honest assessments for our reasoning of certain things, and sometimes we don’t or won’t.

To attack a school system that is rated academically Excellent with Distinction by the state of Ohio [Department of Education] in 2011-12 was unfair. If they’re not preparing students for college, who is? To say that a percentage of students did not meet expected standards in reading and mathematics, again unfair. We are all aware in life that reaching a 100 percent goal in anything is nearly impossible.

In the gentleman’s last paragraph, he seems to think he is creating a new concept by saying we need a curriculum that works. That’s exactly what your school system has now. It would seem he wants so badly for the levy to fail, so his taxes don’t go up, he simply ignores the good and the truth. So, he makes light of the fact that a new school would provide a better learning atmosphere for the children.

I have seen why there are safety concerns. Plaster is falling from the ceiling, roofs leak and kids are either roasting or freezing in their classrooms. This is not an acceptable learning environment no matter how anyone wishes to rationalize it. Erwine [Intermediate] is too old.

The levy is about the students’ chances for a bright tomorrow, not issues conjured by some just to cause controversy. Most of the time there is little or no truth to it. We should be proud of the school system, not act like we want to go to war with it.

I am a Coventry school district resident and grandmother of three who are in the system. Another will start in the fall. Please let the children have opportunities we had when we were in school. Cuts will be made, such as administrators, teachers, music, band, cheerleading and middle school sports if the levy doesn’t pass. If you are not too financially strapped and could vote for the levy, 2,400 kids would be your friend.

Kathy Archual, Coventry

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