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Former teacher opposes bond issue, levy

3/28/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In Coventry, our students must be our number one concern.

Having spent all my pre-graduate years in Coventry schools, I was recruited by the district to teach at [the former] Lakeview [Elementary]. At many times through the years, money has been tight. Because there is no large industry [in the township], the entire burden falls on the homeowners and renters.

When I attended, there was no money for kindergarten. We had only half-days in first grade. When I taught first grade, the budget was tight and I personally provided some of the materials I thought my class needed. We again find ourselves in a bad situation. Our nation’s economy is a mess and we are borrowing billions of dollars from other nations, which our children must repay.

It has hit us hard in Coventry, where many have lost their jobs or are working for lower wages. Too many also have lost their homes and/or are struggling to keep up with payments and take care of their family’s basic needs.

Because Coventry has had such great teachers and administrators in good times and bad, our students have always received a good education. We must continue to sacrifice in whatever ways we can to keep our students our priority.

We can do without many things that we’ve come to expect and we can do without new buildings until the times are better and we can afford them. There are things that we must fix, such as crumbling plaster. Let us work together for the sake of our students and find ways to provide what is necessary until a time comes when we can afford extra tax dollars. Then we can build.

Our students will learn from the experience of tightening the financial belt much more than from increasing their family and neighbor’s tax burdens for a school building we can’t afford.

Let’s pull together to solve our problems and teach our children what it means to think of others, to live within our means, to look for good in what we have rather that to expect everything to be perfect in life, to make goals, to work hard and to study hard.

Throughout the years, Coventry teachers and students have been tops! Let us as a community strive to meet the needs of our students and teachers without passing a large levy that will strap our residents with much higher taxes for 34 years.

I urge all to vote no on the proposed bond issue and tax levy on May 7, and to find an alternative way to meet our real educational needs.

Lou Ann McKinney, Coventry

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