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Norton resident wants live TV broadcasts

4/4/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I would like to address an issue that is ongoing in the city of Norton, Ohio. In November 2012, the electorate in Norton voted to change the city charter to “force” the City Council and administration to “televise” live all Council and committee meetings. After the election, I was asked and agreed to chair a committee to come up with ways to do the broadcasts.

The committee consisted of five members. When we presented our ideas to Council, two members were in favor of broadcasting via live web-cast only. Two more members, myself included, were in favor of Time Warner Cable PEG channel broadcasts, and we also would like to have seen web-cast as an added avenue! The one other member was not present for the final meeting and presentation to Council.

In Council’s wisdom, they decided to vote and then implement web-cast only. I was not in agreement then and I am still not in agreement! I have watched the web-casts and they are poorly done and also not what I felt was voted on by the people. I think it is very uncomfortable to sit in front of a computer and watch an hour or longer broadcast of an official meeting. You cannot see the faces of the Council or the administrators. They are blurry and unrecognizable. The sound is of poor quality. Also, the public speakers at the podium are not seen during their participation; therefore, you cannot see the expressions on their faces. I, for one, base a lot of my opinion on the content of a presentation being given, by facial and body language provided by the speaker! If the Council members and administrators are not facially recognizable, how then are we, as citizens, expected to know if they are sincere in their statements?

I would like to see Norton Council [members] rethink their vote and provide live TV as voted by the electorate.

James (Jack) Gainer, Norton

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