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Coventry teacher asking for issue support

4/4/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

It is a shame to see that Ms. Lou Ann McKinney calls herself an educator and has encouraged her community to vote “no” on the levy and bond issue that will benefit Coventry Local School District [“Former teacher opposes bond issue, levy,” March 29, 2013, issue].

Apparently, her education is not complete. She sees that a community with crumbling schools is the answer to what she refers to as a “top” education.

Ms. McKinney is correct in that the economic times have put a strain on all budgets. However, the price of a quality education is the investment of a lifetime. She is not aware that Coventry teachers have done more with less for decades. Now, the “less” has run out.  She encourages the district to find another solution. What does she have in mind? She has turned her back on her profession and believes that students and teachers should continue to do without. Is she aware that the failure of this levy will have a major impact on the day-to-day operation of the schools? Does she know that art is no longer offered to our elementary students? Is she aware that music in all grades will be diminished if this issue is defeated? I say not.

What a shame that a woman who prides herself as a retired teacher is not supporting the schools in which she worked and earned an income.

To the voters of Coventry, the passage of Issue No. 5 is vital to the community. Our students need adequate learning facilities that don’t leak or crumble. Classrooms with moderate temperatures that aren’t either all hot or all cold are imperative to the educational success of our students. These improvements are not luxuries. They are only the basic amenities that our students deserve.

Coventry teachers provide an excellent education. The time is now for you, the voters of Coventry, to support your schools. I encourage a resounding “yes” on Issue No. 5. 

Kimberly Milinkovich, Springfield (Coventry High School English teacher)

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