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New Franklin man urging Coventry to accept levy defeat

4/4/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Your paper has been a guiding light on the controversy surrounding the ill-advised Coventry school levy proposed for the district.

You have published letters to the editor and observations of the public meetings that has been a source of information to older persons like me. As a result of your listing, I was able to attend the first public meeting. Your reporter detailed the obvious conduct at the gathering, but missed the essence of the persons assembled. By and large, there were teachers, employees, past and present, financially supported by the system!

One brave soul, Hugh Weinberg, spoke against the levy stating he could not afford any more taxes at this poor financial time. His reception was cold and distant, and the meeting continued with financial and rating gibberish.

I now join my neighbors and friends who have written you about their concerns: [Pam] Wayland, [Dick] Edwards, Weinberg, [Paul] Suloff and others who you have permitted to vent their deep concern about this monstrous new levy running decades into the future.

Maybe the saying that music will sooth the savage beast, a rendition of Lorrie Morgan’s biggest hit, “What is there about ‘no’ that you don’t understand?”

R.C. Norris, New Franklin

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