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Reader explains ‘me’ generation

4/11/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Why is this generation called the “ME generation?”

How often do you hear people say, “Me and my brother did ...,” “Me and my wife went ...,” “Me and my friends saw ...,” etc.? ME ... ME ... ME ...

Does no one teach the grammatically correct arrangement of putting yourself last? If you properly say, “My wife and I went out for dinner,” you can leave out the first person and still correctly say, “I went out for dinner.” You would never say (I hope!), “Me went out for dinner.”

In a car, why is using your turn signal an automatic sign for the car closest to you in your signaled lane to accelerate to close the gap rather than slowing down to let you in? ME ... ME ... ME. ... This is nothing but selfishness and discourtesy. This happens even when the lane-changing driver does not use his signal and something that happens in this area most of the time!

Robin Reid, Fairlawn

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