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Retired teacher urges support for Issue No. 5

4/11/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

As a longtime Coventry resident, graduate, teacher and volunteer for more than 60 years, I have just one question: Coventry parents, where are you? Why aren’t you campaigning and voting for our levy? Why are you allowing a small group of senior citizens who have no vested interest in your children or your community to call the shots?

Coventry kids get a quality education in a safe, caring environment. We have scored Excellent With Distinction on our state-mandated tests. Our teachers are energetic, creative and dedicated to your children. They go the extra mile. Our administrators are responsive to the needs of our students and teachers and community. They don’t waste money. In Coventry, we have always done a lot with a little.  But now, we have reached rock bottom.

We are asking for your help. Don’t turn your backs on us! If you aren’t registered [to vote], do it by April 15. On May 7, go to the polls and vote “yes” for Issue No. 5. Don’t sit at home, hoping enough other people will vote “yes.” Help save our schools yourself. Please do not allow some wealthy people who live on Whitefriar Drive, have prestigious homes on the lake and big boats to defeat this levy. They only care about themselves. 

If defeated, your kids will lose music (art has already been taken away), junior high sports, high school band and a host of many other amenities that are just a normal part of everyday school life. Property value will go down because the first concern of prospective buyers is the quality of the schools. Coventry administrators aren’t bullying anyone. All of these cuts are a reality. 

So mom, dad, grandma and grandpa and everyone else, get to the polls on May 7. God help us all if we turn our backs on our kids. Where will we be tomorrow? Vote yes on Issue No. 5.

Patti Freeder, Green (retired Coventry teacher)

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