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Residents should work to change ‘wealthy’ status

4/11/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I’d like to thank former Coventry Treasurer Lee Ann Weisenmiller for clarifying why our school system is constantly short of adequate funding. Her explanation in the April 5, 2013, opinion section of the South Side News Leader [“Former Coventry treasurer explains open enrollment costs”] is that our district is classified as a “wealthy district” and thus we receive only 64 percent of the money per pupil we have coming to us.

Great! I’m glad to have the problem so easily identified.

Now I’d like to know why we aren’t actively trying to solve this real problem, which is our incorrect categorization as a “wealthy district.” We should be placing all our energies into getting our community united to fight this inaccurate classification as a wealthy district.

If we are successful in that endeavor, we will go from receiving 64 percent of our funding dollars, to receiving 100 percent.

And before you say it would be too difficult to get our rating changed by the state, remember this: It would be easier getting our “wealthy district” rating changed than getting the overtaxed homeowners of Coventry to pass another school levy.

Jim Wiczen, Coventry

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