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Coventry resident says no to levy

4/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Vote no on Coventry Local School District’s proposed bond issue and tax levy on May 7.

We recently passed a levy, so now we are looking at two levies per year. That is quite a change from a past superintendent who said, “Coventry should never need another levy.”

The Coventry property owners are very generous people. They help finance other parents’ children through the open enrollment program. I was recently told by one of those parents that “all Coventry residents can come up with another $13 per month.”

Senior citizens who have supported our school for over half a century have harder choices to make than do we get a paved parking lot or how big will our gym be? They have to make choices like do I buy food or heat my house? Do I buy food or do I buy my medicine? Do I have to give up my house because I can’t pay the taxes? As real as these questions are, I find no one is concerned about these people.

What are the choices with the same people paying the school bill now at two levies per year? Coventry needs to merge with another school district. This would mean one school, one superintendent, one school board and half the sports cost.

We need the parents of open enrollment students to pay for their own children. It’s the right thing to do.

We need to push for change as to how we finance our schools like other states have done. If we keep passing levies, this will never happen.

We also need to work together, but that is not easy when a board member tells the children, “voters did not think they were worth it.” (Surely she has apologized to the children.)

Lastly, don’t do the unconstitutional thing and increase the burden on the property owner at the rate of two levies in less than one year.

My vote May 7 will be no!

Daryll McAvinew Sr., Coventry

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