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Voter approval needed to turn community around

4/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Ahh, the over-taxed voters in Coventry, where is the outrage on taxes when it comes to national elections, where your dollars go into a black hole?

I am not thrilled to have to pay more taxes, but in the case of supporting the upcoming bond issue, I’m all for a yes vote. I prefer my taxes to go directly into my community where I live and benefit from the higher property values when it comes to having a thriving school district. I look at Coventry and see a dying community — look at the boarded up restaurants and the homes in disrepair. I guess this is what we can look forward to until some other community comes in and takes the township over.

I read the letters about the flavor of the month with the no voters (open enrollment; last two elections it was the outside construction contract). Well, the school district actually is taking in over $500,000 more than five years ago with regards to open enrollment. Then the no voters will complain that those parents of open enrollment students don’t pay taxes. Well, I’m sure they are paying taxes in their community for a school their children aren’t using.

How about some facts: Coventry is second lowest in the county for per pupil expenditures; 11th lowest taxes in the county for the school district; the buildings are in [a] total state of disrepair (Have any of you no voters been in there lately?); an emergency levy will cost twice as much as the current one; last year the school cut $1.6 million from their budget and nine out of 10 building levies have been defeated; $11 million of the precious tax dollars goes away with a defeat; and Springfield, Green, Stow, Barberton and Manchester receive more in state funding for their schools than Coventry.

People, you need to stop with the shortsightedness. The building count will go from four to three and there will be increased energy efficiency and better security for our kids. The alternative is a state takeover down the road, which will lead to students leaving, less revenue as families move out, and it will build upon itself until this township goes under. Think about it, for a $100,000 home, less than 50 cents (38 cents if you are 65 or older) a day can turn this community around. I would like to see construction start with jobs created and those workers spending dollars in our community while working here. I think this beats the alternative of the sad state of status quo in this township.

Tom Beasley, Coventry

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