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Springfield taxpayer says issue cost increases

4/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

On May 7, the voters of Coventry Township will be voting on Issue No. 5 for a combined levy and bond issue. I would like to share some very important information that may be beneficial in the decision process to vote yes or no on this proposed bond levy.

Several years ago the Springfield [Local Schools Board of Education] passed a similar bond issue for the construction of a new high school, which is being built on Canton Road. When the Springfield school board was in its campaign, all I kept hearing [was] that it was only going to cost “x” number of dollars for a homeowner with a $100,000 valued home. At that time, I advocated that no matter what the board was telling everyone, it was going to cost more in the long run. Springfield has been collecting for this bond issue since 2011 and my property taxes were raised to pay for the bond issue.

My predication came true that it was going to cost us more when I received my first-half 2012 tax statement this past January. My taxes had once again risen another $30 a half over the last half of 2011. When I went over the tax statement, the increase was for Springfield [Local] Schools. Since there was no school levy on the November ballot, I could not understand how it had raised.

I called the Summit County Fiscal Office and asked for an explanation. I was told that when any school bond issue is passed, the board is guaranteeing that they will collect the total amount of the bond. Due to vacant, abandoned, foreclosed and delinquent properties, the bond was not bringing in the required amount and my property taxes were raised again another $60 for tax year 2012. My taxes will keep going up for the next 30-plus years to pay for this bond issue. I’m sure that is one piece of information the school board will not tell you.

The taxpayers need to know all the facts in the decision process and I hope this information will be helpful.

Robert Bonto, Springfield

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