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Taxpayer suggests consolidating school districts

4/18/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

After failing twice to pass a 5.99-mill levy and bond issue, Coventry Local School District (CLSD) is asking voters a third time to approve this issue. As they have done twice before, voters should again vote no on this issue May 7. The kindergarten to grade 12 education system in southern Summit County is highly inefficient, and can only be made more efficient by consolidating districts.

Salaries for all public school teachers and administrators are available online and can be obtained at the “Teacher Salary” portion of www.opportunityohio.org. To illustrate the inefficiency of our educational system, I obtained the salaries for superintendents of the six districts in southern Summit County (Barberton, Coventry, Green, Manchester, Norton and Springfield). The total salary of all six superintendents is $635,056 (Barberton, $103,387; Coventry, $111,222; Green, $130,000; Manchester, $85,000; Norton, $108,243; and Springfield, $97,204). The total kindergarten to grade 12 enrollment for these six districts is approximately 18,000.

By contrast, Akron Public Schools pays its one superintendent $175,000 for a kindergarten to grade 12 enrollment of 22,186.

But a superintendent’s salary is only one of the costly expenditures. Duplication of curriculum directors, financial officers, school bus garages, etc., greatly increases the cost of operating a school district. If we were to consolidate, we would spend less money on outdated buildings, duplicate staff, separate bus garages, etc.

Let’s spend our money more wisely, thereby offering students and taxpayers a more efficient system.

Vote no on May 7, then work to consolidate districts so that students can receive the quality education they deserve at a price taxpayers can afford.

Melvin Vye, Coventry

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