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Resident says cuts needed, taxes force her out

4/25/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I am a graduate of Coventry Schools many years ago. When the schools needed money, the students went out and worked to offer assistance to the schools. We would have paper drives, car washes, just to mention a couple of things.

We never had buses come to our doors. Our bus routes were consolidated and our parents would drop us off at the stop or we had to walk.

In my opinion, people who rent and have kids should not be permitted to vote on any of the school issues. They don’t have to pay taxes but reap the benefits. How fair is that? The Ohio school systems are really screwed up. In the state of Pennsylvania, everyone pays for the school taxes, not just the homeowner. Ohio, wake up!

I should not have to pay school taxes because I don’t have any kids and never did. There are others out there in the same situation, especially the retired population. I feel the cuts are needed. Maybe Ohio should take over the Coventry schools.

I have lived in the same house for 55 years. My parents worked very hard to have a house on the lake, and people like me are being punished because we do have homes on the lake. I am probably going to have to sell because the taxes are so far out of control. I am being pushed out of my home and I want to know again, how fair is that? I have never lived anywhere else.

Some people live from paycheck. Retired people are on limited incomes. Insurance costs are very high, and there just isn’t any wiggle room left. Retired people go into the grocery store with calculators so that they can stay within their budgets. That is pathetic. With rising costs of the basics and limited incomes, we are all struggling to survive.

I understand that there are buckets sitting in the classrooms to catch the water from leaks, but I don’t feel sorry for the district because initially they wanted to build a tennis court in addition to rebuilding the three schools. The buildings were bad when I went to school, so why wasn’t the administration caring for the schools before they got into crisis mode?

Open the outdoor pool at the high school in the summer and charge a flat rate for membership.

I will be voting no on the levy.

Bonnie Dillon, Coventry

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