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Coventry resident suggests use of tuition to fund public schools

5/16/2013 - South Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Win, lose or draw, I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the repeat of another levy parade across the horizons of the state of Ohio, and when I recall that there are 520 townships in the state plus villages, cities and more, it only displays the loss of time, manpower and dollars for an archaic repetition that belongs to history and nothing more. Education is a giant industry and deserves the best of talent to guide it. I am sure there is talent, but it may be in the supporting businesses of education. Those governing [and] managing the Ohio Pension Fund are the real business backbone and talent they have with assets of over $70 billion. Magnify this by the number of states and townships in the United States and you approach figures far in excess of federal trillions.

Believing as I do in order to find fault you must be prepared to offer a solution. So allow me to present to the public not a new concept in education, but one that has been purposefully placed way back on the back burner as it supplies a threat to the present inefficient system now and forever in existence.

This is not a new creation but one that I have researched and started the creation of a book. In its most simple form, “From the Cradle to the End of High School,” the parties enrolling children will provide the tuition replacing the governing responsibility and removing the government. This alone is revolutionary and necessary to remove government from all areas of education.

Strangely enough, the public started this process by their own actions. Universities, colleges, private school, parochial and private left the public high schools and pole vaulted into the tuition paying world seeking better education, careers and world success for themselves. This alone created a giant of industry that could swell to enormous size by the entry of tuition from elementary schools.

It is very difficult to comprehend replacing a free system with a tuition, but be reassured your present system in no way represents free. The whole tax structure plows through the dollar route in such manner that it is a miracle to understand how any funds reach their needed source. Distribution and redistribution are a nightmare. I trust dollars to be managed by the parents who have a vested interest far more than the political voted public now in charge of trillions.

Charles Bittner, Coventry

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