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Reader defends intelligence monitoring

6/20/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

So here we are, it’s come to this. Let’s be clear, thanks to a traitorous narcissist who’s done nothing salutarily heroic here but, rather, has betrayed his secrecy oath, not to mention his country, the necessary but now erstwhile veil of a highly classified intelligence community program has been criminally lifted.

Repeating only what’s been reported here, it’s claimed the program’s capability may brilliantly enable our intelligence professionals, charged with the ultra-serious responsibility of protecting the citizenry of this country, to effectively and expeditiously scan (analogously) the entire “haystack” for that single, hidden “needle” which, potentially, could be the one needed to stop, thus prevent, an act or acts of diabolic terrorism.

Let’s all take a chill pill, shall we, and put this unlawful disclosure and all the hysteria it’s caused into some reasonable perspective. For instance, where’s all the same vitriol over the fact of the known existence of “Internet cookies?” We all need to get over ourselves if we truly believe “Big Brother” is violating our private lives; he’s not! He has far greater fish to fry. Proactively scouring metadata for certain patterns does not, repeat not, equate to a snooping interest whatsoever in our personal, everyday, electronic communications ... unless, of course, they conspicuously would reach an established bar of suspicious, potential involvement with possible terroristic enemies of the state.

I used that term “diabolic” purposely, as it is no small exaggeration the horror such weapons as those targeted for use by today’s terrorists can bring to our shores. I was a part of the vast U.S. intelligence community on [Sept. 11, 2001] and remember all too well the mantra of criticism in this country, “Where were ya?” Now, when it’s exposed all that’s allegedly being proactively done to prevent a repeat of [Sept. 11, 2001] we get, “How dare you!” Make up your mind, America, you can’t have it both ways. For all the critics out there, would it be fair to say to them, “OK, then you do it ... you come up with a better solution!”

Bill Fairweather, West Akron

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