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He holds all the cards

6/20/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Craig Marks

On the Mark — By Craig Marks

Happy LeBron Day IV.

On June 19, 2010, Akron held a day to honor hometown superstar LeBron James. And while some say it was a one-time event, designed to push James toward staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers (how’d that work out?), others know the truth. It was the beginning of an annual holiday.

As we do every year, let’s check out the poetry found on this year’s batch of LeBron Day cards. Get your hankies ready:

You give bicycles

To Akron kids

So it’s hard to stay Huffy

That you left like you did


We’d never miss a wedding

And yours is no exception

Just tell us at which party center

You’ll be holding the reception


Dan Gilbert is no fan of bikes

Unlike you and friend Dwayne Wade

Though he’s spent much time backpedaling

Over that nasty tweet he made


You’ll help design St. Vincent-St. Mary’s new court

I hope you’ll tell the planners

To make the ceiling extra large

To fit the title banners


The Cavs have not sat idly

While you have honed your craft

They’ve become unrivaled masters

At getting first picks in the draft


And finally,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

There’s no one….OK, ENOUGH OF THE PROSE. LeBron, you need to come back to Cleveland. You need to come back next season, if not for this title-starved area, then for yourself. When Jaden Smith stars in “The LeBron James Story” in 2025, the movie is gonna need a final act, and winning Olympic gold medals or rings with a handpicked Miami team won’t cut it. You need to bring a championship to Cleveland. You need to reunite with coach Mike Brown, take Kyrie Irving under your wing and lead the Cavaliers to the Promised Land. Confetti falls. Family and friends in tears. Roll credits. If you need a subplot, you can do an “Ocean’s 11” and steal billions from Gilbert’s casino under his nose, but personally, I think the A-story will carry the picture.

And then, LeBron, every day will be your day.

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