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Norton resident opposes charter amendment

7/4/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

I feel I should address this charter amendment that proposes to eliminate all assessments of the property owners in the city of Norton for any and all sewer and water assessments and hook-up fees. If we were to pass this, would all property owners who have paid these fees in the past be due reimbursements for all they paid (i.e., hook-ups, tie-ins, laterals and all associated costs)? I think it is legally possible. Also, since the amendment does not differentiate between the cities involved or contractors who might be employed by property owners to install sewer and water hook-ups, then does this mean it would be against the charter for contractors to charge for their services on water and sewer installation?

Far fetched, I think not. I have read about stranger legal items. Get real, people, do we really think we can have water and sewage service free?

Now the proposed $35 dollar monthly fee. Is a person who owns a business that uses thousands of gallons of water monthly going to pay only $35? I read the amendment that way. If the city is billed by Barberton one fee and can only charge the property owner $35, who do we think is going to pay the difference? Do we think Barberton is going to absorb the difference? I don’t think so. If this amendment passes, we will surely see the Environmental Protection Agency or health department or both order Nash Heights to install sewers. If Norton cannot legally do the sewers, then Summit County would, from all information available to me, do them and assess the full installation costs to the property owners. No matter how our city charter addresses this area. The charter does not apply to Summit County or the state of Ohio. I could go on forever in stating the cans and cannots of this Issue No. 1. I would recommend that all citizens of Norton read and think about the amendment carefully before their August vote is cast. I personally will vote “no” and hope everyone does the same. Thank you for considering what is best for our children and grandchildren.

James (Jack) Gainer, Norton

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