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Reader says ‘pure evil’ can disguise itself

7/11/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

By now everyone has probably heard of the major event in the news that got national attention. The discovery and rescuing of three Cleveland girls that had been missing for a decade.

In reading the story I saw a common and reoccurring theme. Evil disguises itself to do its bidding. Ariel Castro was a bus driver of 20 years well liked by kids, neighbors and friends, played in a band and stayed under the radar as many pedophiles do.

The old rules do not apply in today’s world. Give one the benefit of the doubt, turn the other cheek, treat others as you would want to be treated. Today’s code of conduct is far different. There is pure evil in the world and it does not wear a sign or typically look like the boogie man.

Look at the Coleman case: A man who strangled his wife and three boys to make it look like a threat and take suspicion off of him so he could pursue a relationship with another woman. Jodi Arias, who murdered her boyfriend and had a dark side. These stories are becoming more and more prevalent and all too often by most accounts appeared to be decent people.

Intuition goes a long way in identifying evil. Do not ignore small signs, comments, lingering doubts that may be there. Incidents that seem benign in isolation but when combined with other details become more suspect.

Often these individuals are sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists. Their way of moving in the world is far different than ours; they can feign gratitude, empathy, be very helpful and giving all in an effort to convince you they are likable, to be trusted, to infiltrate your life and get to your spouse, children, money, whatever they deem important. They lack morals, empathy, remorse, compassion so they can do things law-abiding, decent people would not dream of. They see others as pawns, not people who do their bidding.

Make no mistake, they are evil no matter how much your old way of thinking makes it not want to be so. Excusing and having compassion can make you their next victim.

Beware of the one being your all or complimenting you excessively, pushing themselves into your life very quickly, feeling entitled to things they do not earn, having an inflated sense of themselves. These are signs to be aware of to protect yourself and family.

Patrice Faulhammer, Bath

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