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Councilwoman frustrated in Richfield

7/18/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

In November, Richfield Village voters will have an opportunity to elect four Council people. The timing is perfect to elect new Council people who really want to make a difference for our community.

Our government is in desperate need of new ideas and a fresh perspective on ways to make our government more efficient and our community even better. We urgently need analytical, pragmatic business and other well-informed people to help scrutinize our current operations and improve upon what we currently have. We need new people who can provide prudent guidance for our community today as well as have a vision for our future.

My return to Council over the last year and a half has been incredibly frustrating. Decisions are being made with very little, if any, worthy input from Council. The village spends millions of dollars annually with very little debate as to the best use of our resources. The approval process is troubling as seldom do members of Council have substantive discussions and analysis on the important issues before us that will have long-term implications on our future financial position and quality of life.

Our police, fire, service and other departments are very important functions of our community. The village enjoys dedicated employees that provide excellent services but unless we begin to control the recent unchecked spending and growth of our Village expenses and payroll, we may soon be required to look for additional revenue sources.

As a citizen I urge you to get involved and be informed. Come to meetings … ask questions … make your voice heard. The community needs your involvement.

We live in an excellent community with many capable individuals and with your voice on Council, we can make it even better. You do not need to be a politician to be a councilperson. What you need to be is a concerned citizen with the desire to make a difference.

The deadline to file a petition containing at least 50 signatures from registered voters in Richfield Village with the [Summit County] Board of Elections is Aug. 7. The Board of Elections is very helpful in explaining the requirements and helping you along the way.

Anyone with an interest in joining me on Council can email me at barbaralanford@yahoo.com. I am happy to help you in any way I can, or point you in the right direction. You may also contact me with ideas, concerns or other comments you may have concerning our community and village government.

Barbara Lanford, member, Richfield Village Council

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