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Owner reunited with lost ring

7/25/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

On July 8, my wife and I went to Chili’s in [Copley] for dinner. The next morning my wife discovered that one of her rings was missing. We looked at home, in the car, etc. — all the usual, and unusual, places where the ring might be. We did not find it. My wife called Chili’s; they searched where we had been and did not find it. It was lost.

On July 15, I returned to Chili’s for dessert. The manager asked if we had found my wife’s ring, and I said “no.” She said that someone had called the restaurant and said they had found a ring in the parking lot. The manager called that party the next day, and then the party called me. We confirmed that, in fact, they had found the ring we had lost. Eight days and two hours later, we were reunited with the ring!

Thanks to these two good Samaritans for their interest and honesty. We truly appreciate it!

Dick Calta, Bath

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