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Norton residents speak out on PAC

7/25/2013 - West Side Leader
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By Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Recently there has been a letter writing campaign by members of Norton’s People of Progress, a local political action committee (PAC) whose members consist of Norton’s [City] Council, mayor, relatives and others. They allege that a grass roots amendment to halt Norton’s money grab sewer assessments and cap Norton’s fees would control the city of Barberton’s ability to charge for their service.

This amendment does not try to control Barberton’s fees; it simply seeks to cap Norton’s surcharges. How in the world can Norton impose surcharges on sewer and water when the city has no sewer or water department, nor the ability to maintain either one? The amendment in question, actually, is much too lenient, with Norton being permitted to charge more than they do now. The PAC also contends that Citizens4Norton has filed frivolous lawsuits against the city. The fact is that there is a class-action suit against the city for collections of fees charged to Norton users of Barberton’s systems, but it is not connected to Citizens4Norton.

Do the members of this PAC see progress when they see all of the for-sale signs across from the administration building, or see the same proliferation of signs throughout the city? Do they see progress in a plan that transfers the equity in people’s homes to the city? Is it progressive to suck the money out of neighborhoods so that people are unable to maintain or improve their properties?

Is it not hypocritical for Council President Don Nicolard [Ward 2], who regularly gavels down any speaker who goes beyond their allotted five minutes before Council to allow the wife of Mayor [Mike] Zita unlimited time to demonize private citizens and assassinate the character of people running for office who oppose the closed-minded Council and administration?

Norton’s administration for years has used misinformation and half-truths to get their pet projects passed. They used their demonization and character assassination campaign to turn voters against Tom Jones. The hubris displayed by the mayor and Council is palpable and now they turn the same tactics on populist Councilpersons Bill Mowery [Ward 3] and Charlotte Whipkey [at large]. They have called on their own wives and daughters to speak for them. Why on Earth does the Norton City Council need a PAC? They already control what gets in the media, a very high portion of which is incorrect.

No matter what happens at the polls in August, November is coming and we will certainly not vote for any of their clone of Council cronies.

Linda Newman and Kay Buckner, Norton

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